SEGA on Wii U: We wouldn't make games for an inferior console

SEGA has said that it wouldn't be supportive of Nintendo's new console, Wii U, if it couldn't achieve the graphical prowess of current-generation hardware.

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ThePsychoGamer2418d ago

I doubt that, they where the ones who made the best platformer on the Wii. (Sonic Colors)

dark-hollow2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

and look at all the idiots who didnt even get past the headline of the article.

"EGA has said that it wouldn't be supportive of Nintendo's new console, Wii U, if it couldn't achieve the graphical prowess of current-generation hardware.
Craig Harris, formerly part of's Nintendo editorial team, now a SEGA employee, said that Nintendo had to "release hardware that's of the expectations of the gamer today".
While talking about SEGA's upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is being developed by Gearbox Software, Mr Harris explained that it simply wouldn't be on the console if the hardware didn't match up to today's platforms."

means that the wii u is actually powerful and they would not develop for it if it was weak. which even disapproves the "anon" devs claims that the wii u is weaker than the current consoles.

Hisiru2418d ago

Misleading title. It's actually Gearbox and not Sega. He is saying that he wouldn't develop the Aliens game if Wii U was inferior to current generation of consoles.

NYC_Gamer2418d ago

The Wii-U will have the hardware advantage over consoles released 6 years ago..

Lulz_Boat2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )


NYC_Gamer2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

You think it won't?look at all the cpu/gpu that have been released since 06....Its impossible for the Wii-U not to outperform the 360/PS3 based on all the hardware released since then....all of those parts could be brought real cheap by us the reg customer just think about the deal Nintendo is getting since buying in bulk....

Honest_gamer2418d ago

yeh coz its not like allot of big developers have said the wii u is weaker than the ps3/xbox, look at the games on the wii so u think nintendo care about graphics, most of there fan base is children and old people

dark-hollow2418d ago

what "big developers"
unknown developer 1 and unknown developer 2?

never mind crytek, gearbox, darksiders developers, epic games praises about the wii u hardware.

fossilfern2418d ago

The Wii may have been an inferior system but lets not forget about the SNES, N64 and the Gamecube being extremely powerful systems, though the cartridge format held the N64 back.

So Nintendo did have very powerful machines its just their buisness model has, unfortunately, changed.

yabhero2418d ago

1. Crytek, Epic, Vigil ,Gearbox and EA all said it was powerful. Two unnamed debs said it was not. And that was the on April Fools or the day after.
2. Nintendo fans are mostly kids? Thast just something sore haters say because they are missing out Nintendo games. What about all the GameCube, SNES, N64 and NES gamers... Let's say they were 5 then? Then they are all at least 15 now... Some could be around 28 or so...

fossilfern2418d ago

Dont understand the disagrees NYC gamer. It would be stupid to build a console that is not the same level or better than the PS3 and 360 now considering how cheap components are now that are faster than both 360 and PS3.

Agent_00_Revan2418d ago

Lets say it is equal, heck lets say its a Slight bit better. That'll last what? 6 months, then the next gens are going to come in and kill it.

Ck1x2418d ago

I have to ask what makes you think that both ps4 & 720 are going to be so powerful? Any PC gamer can tell you the amount of cooling solutions in place to run such high end graphics cards. So how do people think that both Sony and Microsoft are going to achieve the same high level intensisty in graphics in a closed designed system such as ps4 & 720 Will be.

Skate-AK2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Hah I whoops didnt mean to reply.

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LightofDarkness2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

I'd read a little beyond the headline before I comment...

EDIT: s'cool now :p

Klad2418d ago

Did you even read the artical? Aliens: Colonial Marines (A SEGA GAME) is DEFINATELY in development for the Wii U, proving that it is on Par with (maybe even surpasses)todays HD consols. Craig Harris was obviously being sarcastic to the people blindly thinking that the Wii U is not as powerfull as the PS3 & Xbox. Maaaan, E3 cant come soon enough. (sigh)

Mintydog2418d ago

I expect not to see a SEGA game on the PS Vita then

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