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What If Master Chief Is Black?

The whole ship is collapsing and Master Chief is napping on the job… Not saying that’s what a black man does, but he was awfully calm when he woke up to find his ship in ruins. He quickly picks up his digital girlfriend and rolls out like a boss. Cocks his gun (no pun intended) one time to let you know it just got real. True Story. (more) (Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, Xbox 360)

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Snookies12  +   885d ago
He could be Asian...
colonel179  +   885d ago
No matter what he is, I wouldn't want to know. We already got a bad experience with Tali's face. Everyone has their own idea of how he might look like, and nobody should mess with that. People will never be happy with his looks, and less if they used a stock photo from the internet to show him.
Awesome_Gamer  +   884d ago
I think its be better to never show his face as it might upset some fans *cough* Tali's face *cough*
zeal0us  +   884d ago
Agree best to leave it alone.

Already seen what happen this year me3 and not to mention Hunger Games's Rue.
CoLD FiRE  +   884d ago
It ain't easy being green.
Bimkoblerutso  +   885d ago
What if he is Samuel L. Jackson?
Fylus  +   885d ago
Or Wesley Snipes.
Snookies12  +   884d ago
Damn you're right... Samuel is in everything after all. There's just no way he couldn't be in Halo lol!
HacSawJimThugin  +   884d ago
Mmmmm,mmmmm bitch!!
Paradicia  +   885d ago
For anyone still confused as to what the chief looks like; here's cover shots of the fall of reach comics released a while back.


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TekoIie  +   885d ago
Those were during his training as a child tho. We don't know exactly what he looks like other than his skin colour.
Paradicia  +   885d ago
Yes I know that, but isn't the point of the article; his ethnicity. It's clear to see he's caucasian from the covers.
Muffins1223  +   885d ago
that's black to you?
Relientk77  +   884d ago
Thanx for the images MiLKJDO

see he is white, the comics and books confirm it
chadachada123  +   884d ago
Yes, Pekolie, because children can just change races between childhood and adulthood like that.
cgoodno  +   884d ago
@chadachada123: *cough*Michael Jackson*cough*

All kidding aside, does it really freaking matter? Would him being white, black, yellow, green, blue, rainbow, or transparent change who he is, what he has done/will do, or anything else important about him?
Lazy_Sunday  +   884d ago
I always thought he was either chocolate vanilla swirl or the darth vader type.
DecoyOctopus  +   884d ago
im pretty sure he was described to be a very pale white kid in the books
Kalowest  +   884d ago
He's white(and this is coming from a blk guy).
Go to Halo Wiki, read a Halo book, or just Google search pics of him, and you'll see.
NastyLeftHook0   885d ago | Offensive
jwk94  +   885d ago
Does it matter what color he is?
NastyLeftHook0  +   885d ago
ofcourse not.
MaXfReZa  +   885d ago
Yes & No.

Yes, it matters because no one knows what he actually looks like, could you imagine not knowing the identity of Batman? If there was a small chance he was whatever race we wanted him to be, I image we'd all secretly hope we were right. So not knowing really sucks.

No, it doesn't matter because he'd still be a hero to all who already love him. I mean you'd have to be a racist bastard not to love Master Chief just because he turned out to be of a race you weren't expecting.

Either way, it would exciting news to finally see Master Chief revealed.
Tameel1  +   885d ago
"I mean you'd have to be a racist bastard not to love Master Chief just because he turned out to be of a race you weren't expecting."

Sadly that's very common. The little black girl in the Hunger Games movie got a lot of hate-mail from fans who were upset that her character wasn't played by a white actress. Even though the character is clearly described as having dark skin!
The poor actress is only 12 years old and people were sending her HATE MAIL over her race. Disgusting.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   885d ago
You'll hear moans and groans. I actually heard some people doing that when they saw that the Golden Gear in Gears 3 was black. True story...
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Relientk77  +   885d ago
Well, what if he is
NastyLeftHook0  +   885d ago
i mean what is he was white?

or asian?

or german?

or indian?

he would still be loved by fans of the game.

@thegamefoxjtv damn, that sucks. well idiots like that should get banned, i have dealt with idiots on xbla, that's why i almost always play online on psn.
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TheGameFoxJTV  +   885d ago
Remember this is Xbox. I've been called the N-word more times on Xbox LIVE than on any other community on any other service ever, it not always kids either. Grown ass men and sometimes women with nothing better to do with their time.
2nd place to the kids in TF2.
3rd place to random losers who come to troll my live stream.
MaXfReZa  +   885d ago
I feel your pain... my first time on XBL was a shocking experience, no one prepared me for that. If you've ever seen "The Online Gamer - Episode 1" on youtube, that was me hook line and sinker LOL. XBL controls aren't good at all especially when it comes to verbal abuse and underage gamers playing mature titles. If you find a lobby free off fools, trolls, and children stick with it.
Tonester925  +   885d ago
I love when this happens to me. Most likely it's because I'm talking about them so hard that their last resort is too call me the N-BOMB. Which makes it even worse for them. When I played Xbox 360, people wanted to play with me because they knew that it was roasting season for anyone throwing that word around.

70% of the people I played with said that they never want to play with me ever again.

70% called me a N-Bomb just for talking on the mic. goodtimes on COD4 and Halo 3
Spitfire_Riggz  +   885d ago
Yup, me somehow being so ignorant thought that racism was a thing of the past and I was just shocked at how much hate and prejudice was spewed at me immediately playing online.
SuperLupe   885d ago | Trolling | show
DragonKnight  +   884d ago | Funny
@SuperLupe: Wow, way to hate hard bro. You are a hardcore hater aren't you? That's some top tier trolling you made there in your comment. Absolutely NO ONE brought up a comparison to PSN and you thought to yourself "there isn't enough hate for Sony and the PS3 and PSN here, so I'll just hate on it myself."

Stay classy troll.
Halochampian  +   884d ago

Actually +gamerfoxjtv did compare xbox live to other services. It's implied that psn is one of them.

And its a legitimate reason why you don't hear as much on psn because you don't hear as much talk in general. Remember that psn is free so you're going to get anyone with an internet connection using it.

People for whatever reason don't buy mics. It's really hard to say that the people who buy xbox are more racist than other services when mainly compared to psn.
DragonKnight  +   884d ago
@HaloChampion: The implication is in the individual mind only. "Any other community service" is a broad term and is in no way saying "PSN is more mature" in the way SuperLupe's comment would elude to.

And it's not a legitimate reason. There's no way of knowing who does and does not have a mic and whether or not they use it. I have a mic, and I don't use it because I don't want to. Maybe people just want to game instead of talking, who knows. But to say it's because people don't buy mics is making a statement that can't be proven and thus shouldn't be used.

That being said, racism and general douchebaggery is everywhere. PSN is no exception.
_Aarix_  +   884d ago
ok guys 2 things

1) Theres racist assholes EVERYWHERE!!!
2) theres an equal number of consoles sold and you still believe that only xbl has this crap? Oh whats that? you say its full of kids? Well People of any and all ages start shit. So if youre implying this doesnt happen on psn then youre a moron.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   884d ago
@_Aarix_ I said it isn't always kids, so you're just letting your stupid ass fanboy mind make you angry for no reason. Also, why do you people keep mentioning the PS3? you fanboys really need to learn that owning a system does not mean you have to pledge your fealty to it. These companies do not give a damn about you, so why do you put your heart and soul into trying to defend them so hard, even when no one is attacking them! My god.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   885d ago | Well said
Who cares?
Relientk77  +   885d ago
My friend just told me something so I looked it up on Google, its from one of the Halo books:

"The Master Chief is never seen outside of his armor; the only description of his appearance is in the novel The Flood, where he is described as being quite tall, with short hair, serious eyes, and rugged facial features. He is also apparently very pale, more than likely due to spending most of his time in the suit. Out of his armor it has been stated that he stands at six feet, eight inches tall, and weighs 287 pounds. In the novel The Fall of Reach, John as a child is described as a normal boy about a head taller than the other kids his age, with a gap between his two front teeth, brown hair, and freckles."

link: http://www.giantbomb.com/ma...

Master Chief is white, there you go, so you can stop debating.

*edit: "During a briefing scene in Halo: The Flood, the Chief is described as tall with short hair, serious eyes, and strong features. His skin is "too white", a consequence of spending most of his time in his armor"
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MaXfReZa  +   885d ago
His ethnicity is never mentioned, and though freckles are more common in Caucasian people freckles exist within other races. Debate re-started... *bows and exits* LOL
Relientk77  +   885d ago
In the books they explicitly say that he's white
360GamerFG  +   885d ago
A pale black man? Yeah I don't know hey. Plus his voice does not sound Asian or African American, he sounds very white. This coming from a South African mind you.
kneon  +   884d ago
Well I have met a couple of albino black people. It's an odd look, normal black facial features with skin whiter than mine.
MaXfReZa  +   884d ago
I'm seeing many comments in disbelief of a black person being any other color than light or dark brown. Black people can be extremely dark to whiter as a Caucasian or even whiter (Google: Shawn Ross... now that's a pale guy... who happens to be black).
Tonester925  +   884d ago
@FinancialGamer How do you sound like a Black person?
Tameel1  +   885d ago
Does the book actually call him Caucasian though...or just pale and "too white"? I guess anyone would be "pale" or "too white" in space. Even if they were black or Asian or Indian or any "darker skinned" race.

I mean I've seen Beyonce and Halle Berry described as "pale" and "too white" in the past. And they obviously aren't white. They just have lighter skin than the average black woman.
Hooby  +   885d ago
In bungies annual themed christmas pictures, they have a picture with chiefs head turned away, with his helmet off. all you can see skin wise is a bit of his ear, which is white.

Not to mention marvel made a series of comics based on the novel fall of reach (and they were obviously doing this under 343's eye, so things are, more or less, canon), which show him as a child, face and all. He is white as white comes.
#8.2.1 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
humbleopinion  +   885d ago
You pretty much nailed it. Don't know why people still raise this as a possibility.

Although the Arbiter could be technically black if there was such a thing among the elites. He's voiced by Keith David after all :)
Fez  +   885d ago
He could have vitiligo and lupus...checkmate.
Dlacy13g  +   885d ago
God.... why is all I can think of reading the intro and title. It matters little...Asian, Cacasian, African-American, Hispanic, Muslim.... he is basically faceless for a reason...this way he can be from any background...you personify yourself into him.

That all said, Halo 3 had a commercial that showed two Caucasian children looking at the stars talking dreams and what was out there...then you hear an explosion and Master Chief is picking up and putting on his helmet. The inference I took from that commercial was that little boy was John117. May be coincidence too....

Bottom line for me ...Master Chief is me, just like he is you when you play Halo.
Delt4  +   885d ago
Perfectly spoken.
chazjamie  +   885d ago
the game would not sell half as much
MaXfReZa  +   885d ago
and they'll never be a black president either, right? LOL
#10.1 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Delt4  +   884d ago
r21  +   885d ago
doesnt matter, MC is awesome >:D
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   885d ago
Black... White...

I'm the guy with the gun.
tawak  +   885d ago
Master Chief is a jew
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   885d ago
I'm guessing Uncle Ruckus would burn his Halo games after that.....
h311rais3r  +   885d ago
He's white. It states it in the books!
Hicken  +   885d ago
Given the amount of racism that seems to exist on XBL, Halo might lose more than half its fanbase...
360GamerFG  +   885d ago
This is not Starhawk.
Tommy334  +   885d ago
"It don't matter if your black or white"

In my Michael Jackson Voice.
Stansolo  +   885d ago
He's still a hero no matter what race he is.
hennessey86  +   885d ago
Its common knowlege
that Master Chief is Alan from the Hangover
NeoTribe  +   885d ago
Maybe its chuck norris....
tigertron  +   885d ago
As people have said, hes a white guy. Take a look at the comics with him as a kid.

It would be cool if it was actually Samuel L Jackson under there.
aviator189  +   885d ago
This is a part of Halo that needs to be left a mystery, even though the comics have already revealed his face as a kid.
Marz  +   885d ago
The f*ck kinda article is this?! Why the hell would his skin color change the way u play the damn game? I don't get why it so damn hard to imagine if he was black, would u really b that surprised? And why would u be expecting him to be white? Who the hell approved this article?
BigDog55  +   884d ago
Who cares??
RevXM  +   884d ago
What if Master Chief is allergic to cheese?
SignifiedSix  +   884d ago
Seriously guys? We all know its Batman!
whoyouwit04  +   884d ago
I think he is black remember they did want denzel to play him in the movie.
NYC_Gamer  +   884d ago
What if Master Chief looks like the Predator?
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miamicanesruleall   884d ago | Offensive
ninjagoat  +   884d ago
The whole bible belt of America will stop playing Halo just like thy stoped voting for Barack Obama :/. Get real... why was this article even passed ffs.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   884d ago
Also, the books described him as a child as large, brown hair, and with a gap in is teeth. Don't they ever even hinted o his race.
chadachada123  +   884d ago
He was described as having fair skin.
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