CES 2008: Age of Conan converts at least one player

Joystiq's Michael Zenke shares his impressions:

"Sitting down with Age of Conan: Hyborean Adventures today was something of a wakeup call for me. I've enjoyed my previous exposure to the game, but I've never had that 'I get it' moment. You know that moment, every MMO has it. In World of Warcraft it's the first time you start a quest; in Tabula Rasa it's the first time you fire your gun; and in Lord of the Rings Online that moment comes when you look up and behold the majesty that is the Shire. For me, Conan's moment was when I finally 'got' the combat. The CES build of the game, hopefully just a few months away from release, really hit home with the experience of slicing and dicing in real time."

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Supermax3993d ago

any ideas on this for 360 and is anyone else excited about this as i am

Agriel3992d ago

there s still really no word about the 360 version or even if they have started building it yet. Could be this year, the PC version is out the march so maybe by christmas

Thump19673993d ago

Yes we are supposed to be one of the first MMO for the 360 I can't wait

Supermax3992d ago

same here im just amazed that there is not more of a upcry from the masses to see mmorpgs on consoles.