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Free to Play Combat Games List

7d ago - Everyone has a game that they like to play in their down-time, whether you are a hard-core gamer... | PC

Age of Conan Celebrates Sixth Anniversary with Festival of Bloodshed PvP Update

155d ago - Today is a special day for Funcom's MMO Age of Conan--because this game has turned six today. To... | PC

Friday Top 10: Worst MMO Games

237d ago - Alex Cote from 3GEM writes: 'Some people didn’t understand why some games did not make the list.... | PC

Age of Conan Introducing World Boss System

324d ago - Age of Conan is a fantasy MMORPG by Funcom which is preparing to implement a new world boss syste... | PC

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10 Blatantly Unfinished Video Games (That Were Released Anyway)

387d ago - wc - “No other sector has experienced the same explosive growth as the computer and video game in... | PC

Five Horrible Depictions of Gaming in Mainstream Media

396d ago - Video games and mass media do not make a great combination. When Grand Theft Auto V isn't being b... | Culture

Top Five AAA MMOs That Went F2P

410d ago - Online gaming has changed dramatically within the last few years. The industry is rapidly shiftin... | PC

New Age of Conan Trailer, Screenshots and Artwork Tell the Secrets of Dragon’s Spine

648d ago - Age of Conan Update 4.0 opened the beautiful Stygian area called “Dragon’s Spine”, including the... | PC

Age of Conan Update Fixes World Map and Player Search

708d ago - Funcom has released a new update for free-to-play MMORPG Age of Conan, available for download now... | PC

Update 3.4 for Age of Conan is Now Live

740d ago - Update 3.4 for Age of Conan is now live! This new update to Age of Conan brings some exciting new... | PC

Age of Conan Update Improves Performance And Lag Issues

768d ago - Funcom has released a new update for free-to-play MMORPG Age of Conan, available for download now... | PC

Age of Conan Server Will Be Merged on August 7th

808d ago - Age of Conan's American PvE servers Set and Wiccana will be merged on August 7th and Funcom also... | PC

The 10 Biggest PC Games of All Time

814d ago - Gamespy: A weird thing has happened in PC gaming. After years of getting spoiled by dirt-cheap... | PC

Ten Minute Mode | Episode 2 – Are MMO’s Still Relevant?

836d ago - Welcome to Ten Minute Mode, a weekly web discussion series exclusive to Gamer Nation. This wee... | PC

MMO Contenders: 5 Games That Could Have Been Something

838d ago - Developing a successful MMO isn't easy. Here are my 5 picks for MMO contenders that could have b... | PC

MMORPG Center: Top 10 Free MMOs You Should Try This Summer

855d ago - "Check out our selection of free mmos available this summer." | PC

Age of Conan Patch Adds Facebook Integration

891d ago - Funcom has released an update for free-to-play Hyborean RPG Age of Conan. This update adds Facebo... | PC

Age of Conan Update Adjusts Class Abilities

910d ago - Funcom has released a new update for free-to-play MMORPG Age of Conan, which game owners can down... | PC

Embarrassing and dishonest: TV's portrayal of gaming

949d ago - Watching people play videogames on television and in movies is dishonest and embarrassing. Either... | PC

Time for MMOs to reinvent themselves

983d ago - - "MMOs are the abusive gaming genre that I just can’t get away from. MMOs are... | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

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PODcast 18 - Can MMOs have Stories on Par with Single Player?

983d ago - Pixels or Death's Joseph Rush writes, "The gang talks up everything from MMOs to Hipster Walls to... | PC

Age of Conan, What's in store for 2012?

997d ago - With the start of a new year, FunCom recaps on 2011 in the world of Hyboria and what to expect to... | PC

Age of Conan Update Improves House of Crom Content

1006d ago - Funcom has released a new update for its free to play MMORPG Age of Conan, available now to downl... | PC

The P2P to F2P Trend: Is the Experience "Truly" Free?

1007d ago - GR's Edgar Ocampo writes: If you've been keeping a close eye on MMOs lately, you’ll notice tha... | PC

Funcom’s Craig Morrison on Age of Conan: House of Crom and the Future

1008d ago - With the latest update for Age of Conan called the House of Crom now live on the servers, RPGREpo... | PC
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