PCZONE Magazine Gives 8/10 to rFactor

Phil Wand writes, "rFactor offers racing enthusiasts the best and most expandable PC game yet. At least, that's the big sell. Having tried out the underwhelming trial download last year, there were mixed feelings when the boxed version appeared, spattered with awards."

"First impressions didn't help. While there's no doubt the title's open architecture offers enormous potential in terms of modding, tweaking and customisation, Sony offered a slicker interface and more realistic-looking graphics on the PlayStation a decade ago."

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2 cents3995d ago

PC games are dying, and is no surprise seeing as they look so bad compared to the current gen consoles. They can`t keep up with the GFX, and even when some game like crysis comes out you have to spend thousands to update your pc, so no matter how you look at it, you are better off with the console gaming.

Gondee3995d ago

Of course they can keep up with the graphics. Theres new cards and prossessers every year.

soon we'll have dual core GFX cards. and 8 core CPUs.

fermcr3995d ago

Have you tried the game? The graphics are bad (the game problaly come out in 2002 or 2003)... but the level of realism in some mods you don't have for consoles in any game (yes, not even in GT in the Playstation). I have tried the game, and you should see the mod community that this game has. The most realistic racing game, in some mods, you will find. Try it with a G25 Logitech racing weel.