Gamestop USA Giving Up To 60% Extra Trade Credit When Trading Towards Pre-Owned Games

Trendy Gamers: Yesterday, we reported that EB Games/Gamestop Canada was offering 50% extra trade credit towards recycled games and now Gamestop USA is offering a similar deal.

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3GenGames2427d ago

So I'll get $8 for my $5 valued brand new game? Suhweet deal bruh. /s

BringingTheThunder2427d ago

or $45 for your $30 game. or trade in $100 and get $150, seems good to me.

3GenGames2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Only games worth $30 to them are worth $55 on craigslist because it came out 2 days ago, pull your had out of your @$$, there's no deal to be had.

kreate2427d ago

99% of the games u trade in gamestop has a trade in value under 18 bucks as the base value.

Anywhere from negative cuz u got a scratch on the disk to 18 bucks. Theres only a few games they give 30. Even new releases they give 20-25. Not 30.

BringingTheThunder2427d ago

are you serious? youd rather put an ad on craigslist and do all that legwork to get maybe a couple extra dollars? i'll take the 45

Tai_Kaliso2427d ago

Right now Gamestop is offering $50 off a new PS3 or Xbox 360, plus they are giving you a free game, either Batman Arkham City or Mortal Kombat Komplete.

Deals are swinging now.