PS Vita: Soul Sacrifice First Images

Sony has officially launched a new teaser website for an upcoming PS Vita game titled "Soul Sacrifice". The reveal of the game is set to happen on May 10th, which Sony will be unveiling some live gameplay footage. Here are some images of some of the monsters and concept art for the game.

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Dante1122404d ago

Wow, this looks pretty good.

HarryMasonHerpderp2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Rumours are this is a demons souls/dark souls game.
It looks as though it could be from the creature designs.
Heres to hoping it is,i would love a souls game on the vita.

jaosobno2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Must be, one of the pics shows Quelaag from Dark Souls, but I don't recognize other monster.

My hat's off to person that drew monsters, they looks amazing!

Goddamn, this looks like a killer app!

HarryMasonHerpderp2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Yeah i noticed that too =S
and yes the artwork is amazing some really talented
people seem to be working on this game
and even if its not a "Souls" game it still looks
promising going off this artwork.
I reckon it is a "Souls" game though ;D

guitarded772403d ago

Says the game will be revealed at a briefing on 5/10/12. Can't wait to hear more... very interested.

garos822403d ago

here is praying that its true!

SilentNegotiator2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

As soon as a Demon's Souls like game hits Vita, I will probably get myself one.

cmpunk532402d ago

I think it's kinda official that this is a souls game since quelaag is there.

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NukaCola2403d ago

Most Def dude. Funny though...I wonder how many Dualshocks took a leap into the wall over DemSouls and Dark Souls. Gamer must know, they can't throw this controller when they are getting in a mind crushing pinch or the whole system will take a dirt

I am keeping an eye out on this one.

brodychet2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )


Sony doesn't decide the title of games.

cpayne932403d ago

You know, I played through demon's souls and never got frustrated. I loved that game so much I was enjoying it even when I died, it didn't seem quite as hard as people said it was though. I hope Dark Souls is even harder, I haven't played it yet.

@brodychet not sure why you replied to nukacola so you could reply to chidesd but whatever.

dc12403d ago

True DS players don't throw their controllers.
Every time we die.. its our fault.

Just one of the reasons why the DS games are so awesome!

chidesd2403d ago

everyone is saying this is a souls game ala dark and demons souls..... I highly dought it is it was a souls game wouldnt sony put something infront of the word soul?

BlueTemplar2403d ago

Not necessarily, Dark Souls was originally going to be called something very different like Dark Ring if I remember right.

I'm thinking (hoping) this could be a spin-off from the Souls series for the handheld, with proper sequels reserved for home consoles

BlindGuardian2403d ago

Dark Souls was called Project Dark but it was never meant to be the final title

BlueTemplar2403d ago

There was a story going around a while back about they considered a bunch of different names before deciding on dark souls - one was dark ring, another (which they wisely decided against) was dark race

Blastoise2403d ago

Demons souls & Dark souls were boss games, I'd love if this was a souls game for Vita. Monsters look epic and really inventive

BlueTemplar2403d ago

hmmm interesting...

compare image 6 from this soul sacrifice artwork

to this dark souls boss:

the plot thickens...

LightofDarkness2403d ago

That's pretty confirming all right. If it's not, then this is some serious plagiarism.

BlueTemplar2403d ago

Looks like it could be a red-herring, just looked at the video on the official site and cant see any sign of that image - might be a mistake that its listed among the other images

BlueTemplar2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

[Removed double post]

BlindGuardian2403d ago

great job, bubbles for you, that pretty much confirms it

Cryptcuzz2403d ago

Dude! That is almost a carbon copy, straight down to the multiple little red eyeballs on the flaming spider.
Good catch.

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