EA Blasts Into Finals For Worst Company In America

"In a resounding and unfettered victory over AT&T, Electronic Arts has blasted into the finals as the worst company in America. Congratulations EA, it looks like this might be a clean sweep victory for you this year."

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2450d ago
MultiConsoleGamer2450d ago

EA sucks but the votes were manipulated with an automatic voting script. I saw people talking about it, and I even tried the script for myself.

The same thing happens every year with GameSpot's bullsh*t character polls. They're easy to manipulate if you know how.

vortis2450d ago

Or...potentially...I don't know....maybe....just maybe...

People hate EA?

AtomicGerbil2449d ago

They've certainly gone way down in my estimation over the last few years. Shame, they were starting to redeem themselves.

hano2449d ago

Actually, EA has been Ok. They've even given the go-ahead for Wasteland 2 kickstarter even though they hold the rights. They've also been taking more risks lately. However, I can never forgive them for destroying Bullfrog and Bioware.

The one I really hate with passion is Activision. Not only do they have a scumbag CEO(Bobby thou hast been missed!) They've also ruined Blizzard.

Statix2449d ago

People may hate EA, but they're not the worst FREAKING company in America.

People are just butthurt over the ME3 ending and DLC, so all of a sudden they're the worst company in America now? Idiots just have no perspective whatsoever.

kevnb2449d ago

oh cmon, its not like they are dumping toxic waste everywhere and promoting slavery.

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Lord_Sloth2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Activision's the worst.

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dark-hollow2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Let's see.

Rehashing cod every year.
Kicked west and zampela from IW.

Online passes.
Totally ruined mass effect.
Day one dlcs BS.
Closed pandemic, westood and couple other studios.which led to hundreds of people losing their jobs.
Makes promises but never fulfil them.

Nope, EA is way ahead in douche-o-meter.

Moncole2449d ago

EA also made Origin because they are greedy. People who hate Activion are those people that hate CoD.

killerhog2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Activision closed bizarre down. They also sell over-priced dlc as well as rehashed dlc as new. Can't seem to fix bug/exploits that plagued previous games. Refuses to upgrade their game engine. Makes billions of dollars off of cod but doesn't give anyhthing back to gamers.

Statix2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Activision is the richest game company in the world, publishing the richest game franchise in the world (COD). Yet it's "too expensive" to include dedicated servers in COD?

COD has the same rehashed engine every year, same or worse gameplay mechanics every year, and the same crappy netcode every year. Still no dedicated servers on consoles to this day.

At least EA makes a few games I really like (Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dead Space). I'll play Battlefield 3 over the crapfest that is MW3 any day. I can't even name you ONE Activision game that I enjoyed since COD4 back in 2007.

Other Activision transgressions:

-Milking gamers with overpriced DLC
-Selling old maps
-Milking gamers w/ a worthless service in "COD Elite"
-Crappy games in the Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, and James Bond IPs

For some reason, many gamers are trying to make out like Activision is a saint, which they clearly aren't. Are they worse or better than EA? It's debatable. What's not debatable is the fact that both companies exhibit their fair share of suckage.

kevnb2449d ago

lol wut? How is activision or ea even remotely as bad Monsanto?

Lord_Sloth2449d ago

Wasn't talking about farming. Was talking about game companies.

2449d ago
hano2449d ago

Not fair, Activision was not part of this competition :(

Too bad, I was rooting for you Activision. Don't worry, you're still the evilest of them all.

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