What Is ‘XboxFL’ And Why Is Microsoft Registering Domains For It?

Gamerant: XboxFL could conceivably be the designation for Xbox 360‘s true successor. It’s certainly in keeping with Microsoft’s reticence to give the Xbox straightforward, numbered iterations, and it’s no worse a choice than “Durango” — or Orbis, for that matter.

That said, if Xbox 720 really is a year, maybe two, away from release, it’s uncharacteristically sloppy of Microsoft to expose the name so soon. Unless, of course, you want to go all the way down the rabbit hole and opine that, despite Microsoft’s explicit admonitions to the contrary, the next Xbox is going to be fully revealed at E3 2012, and XboxFL is its name. All that may technically be possible, though it ranks fairly low on the plausibility scale.

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FlashXIII2215d ago

More like Xbox Free? LOOOOOOOL!

DeadSpaced2215d ago

Thanks for pointing that out. I almost got my hopes up. But it's still a cool thing for Microsoft to do.

SPARDA_4262215d ago

Its most definitely an april fools joke.