PlayStation Store Cards Already In The Wild

Luke Plunkett of writes:

Any of you lot spot the new PSN cards in stores yet? Kotakuite Aerfox has, as he's spotted them already for sale in stores on the US Army base in Aberdeen, Maryland. Early 2008 indeed. Aerfox notes that the $20 cards are the only ones as yet on offer, and picked one up as a Christmas present for, well, we'll just presume himself.

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RedGr3mlin3770d ago

Any one know when / IF the come to Sweden?

Salvadore3770d ago

I believe next year in January or even later.

Account deleted3770d ago

especially when one begins reading thru the first comment and sees your avatar.... keep it up :d :d

titntin3770d ago

This is good for people who don't have a card to use! Theres a lot of good downloadable stuff on the PSN, yet so many people who haven't got access to it!

BLuKhaos3770d ago

Now I can buy Tekken DR

jorellpogi3770d ago

This is nice. I hope we can get them at TARGET.

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The story is too old to be commented.