Street Fighter WTFiction?!

1UP writes:

"Street Fighter IV is on the way, and Capcom tells us that its story is set between the second and third games. What's that, you say? You didn't know the Street Fighter series had a story? Ah, well, it does...but good luck sorting it out. Due to the dozens of characters, each with multiple (and frequently contradictory) endings, it can be tough to know exactly how these things work out. Especially since Capcom isn't saying."

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xsteinbachx3771d ago

Story Line? hmm i must have gotten caught up in spamming hadouken.

Cherchez La Ghost3771d ago

I like this chart. Explains everything about they're motives.

alfredoggy3771d ago

I think the power of 'the cell' will sort it out. =0)

jinn3770d ago

street fighter 4 will be a failure, capcom should have teamed up with marvel to work on a next gen title called marvel vs capcom 3