Is Madden Monopoly the NFL's Fault?

Ever since 2005, EA and most notably Madden, has been the only way to get NFL action. But EA is not the only exclusive deal that the NFL has made a bed with. Blame the NFL and NFLPA executives for being lazy and not wanting to deal with multiple contracts instead opting for one large deal with little hassle.

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vega2751890d ago

i blame the gamers that run out and buy this game every year. if they stop supporting EA and their BS maybe Ea will start doing right by this franchise and start listening to the fans of the sport.

ATi_Elite1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

I stopped playing madden many many years ago.

I wish that stupid NFL license would run out so we can get some proper NFL video games.

P.S. the Madden Curse is REAL!

Titanz1890d ago

That's why I'm glad the NBA 2k series is the best/most bought basketball game out there.

49erguy1890d ago

Its the fucking kids man. They don't even know 2k5 existed. Most people I know who go crazy over the acradey BS madden are teens. They do like 2k12 more than NBA live and its a shame cause 2K would be doing the same thing with football now. NFL EA exclusivity put a big hole in this gen of games for me.

mcnast1890d ago

EA's sales on Madden have been declining each year. But EA was smart because they got the exclusive right before the PS3 and 360 came out. I'd still be playing NFL2K if there was a next gen version of it.

Smashbro291890d ago

It's not so much a fault as much as the NFL doesn't care and EA isn't giving up a monopoly.

nevin11890d ago

its a shame the last good Madden game was 2004. its a shame that 2K5 was the last proper NFL game. its a shame how sports game turned out this gen.

LX-General-Kaos1890d ago

I beg to differ. I had a blast with 2005 and the hit stick

NYC_Gamer1890d ago

It's the NFL fault for the monopoly of the license/poor Madden games every year

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The story is too old to be commented.