Little Big Planet Gets Mention In BBC Newsround's 'Future of Gaming'

UK children's news program Newsround has presented the future of gaming to its viewers and Sony's Little Big Planet for the PlayStation 3 is among the titles mentioned. Taking its place alongside Wii Fit and Spore, Little Big Planet received the following write-up...

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faisdotal3839d ago

I saw that , was very suprised that it came on , although she (one of the people from Media Molecule i think?) didnt explain much , it looked good , but short.

techie3839d ago

She isn't from Media Molecule :)

Newsround is pretty big.

solar3839d ago

the more ppl who see LBP the better :D

The Killer3839d ago

the only limitation is our imagination! so there will be always people out either excited or bored or looking for money that will make new levels and maps!

i am looking forward for this game and even more excited for the bosses and how they will look like!

gunnerforlife3839d ago

oh im so gone be this just to mess about with it aint even gone be series on the game lol just gone ave fun:D

deeznuts3839d ago

I think with the level creator this game can really take off. even for people who have no creativity (i.e. me) as they can probably wait for stellar levels to be available, download, and play.

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