Why don't more game developers see royalties from their work?

ARS - When people talk about the importance of actually spending money on games, rather than resorting to a used purchase or piracy, the importance of "supporting the developers" is never far from the argument. Yet for a lot of classic titles being repackaged and sold these days, money from new purchases isn't going to the developers at all, but solely to the publishers that own the long-term rights to the titles.

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Dark_Overlord2348d ago

Because publishers are greedy money grabbing b**tards that have developers pretty much by the balls. They know most developers can't afford to market, manufacture, distribute etc their games and so offer them really shitty contracts that screw them out of most of the money made from game sales.

People are quick to blame gamestop and places like that for devs not seeing money, maybe people should take a look at how much money from a game sale goes to the publisher, only then will you see the true crooks in the VG market.

maniacmayhem2348d ago

Depends on the company really. Go and become a perm at Blizzard, work on one of their games and then go out and by a Ferrari.