Dynasty Warriors NEXT Gala Mode Official Details & Screenshots

Tecmo Koei Europe has today revealed fresh details on a brand new gameplay mode set to be included in the forthcoming Dynasty Warriors NEXT, designed specifically to take advantage of the unique features of the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) console. Dynasty Warriors NEXT is set to launch alongside the PS Vita console later this month, and already the Warriors series fans are eager to see just what this new system can offer the franchise.

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tarbis2352d ago

I'm so getting this. Tried and the demo and loving it.

NovusTerminus2352d ago

Have not played the demo, but I am with you! Cannot wait for this game!

Also, who is that in your avatar?

tarbis2352d ago

Raven from Gravity Daze. =)

Lord_Sloth2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Of ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the characters in the very sizable Dynasty Warriors roster, why the hell did you have to use an image of...THAT ONE!?