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EU PlayStation Plus Games For The Month Of February Confirmed

GearNuke: "It seems like Europe will be getting Bioshock Infinite, Metro Last Light, Modnation Racers and Dynasty Warriors Next, as confirmed by a listing on the official SEN store." (BioShock: Infinite, Dynasty Warriors Next, Metro: Last Light, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

Update Adding to the list, Outlast PS4 has also been confirmed.

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Hellsvacancy  +   588d ago
Awesome, when is it up? next week?
Lukas_Japonicus  +   588d ago
PS plus continues to kill it.

I will fire up the PS3 to play Metro: Last Light. Already have Bioshock for the 360 but this is great for people who have yet to play it.
BALLBAGS  +   588d ago
Im soo pissed my harddrive is full ..damn Sony just killing these free games right now
ABizzel1  +   588d ago

Go buy a 1TB HDD for your PS3. I did during Black Friday, because I knew I wasn't going to be buying many more games after 2014, and PS+ should suffice. Bought mines for $40.
ravinash  +   588d ago
My trick is start to download it and then cancel it, that way it will sit in your download history.
So when you have finished a few more games and opened up a bit more space, even if the game is no longer listed in the current PSN+ games, you can still get it from your list of previously downloaded items. As long as your still on PSN+, you will still be able to download and play it for free.
abzdine  +   588d ago
great stuff ladies and gentlemen
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calis  +   588d ago
You don't even have to start downloading it. Just "buy it", confirm it and it's in your download list.
pyramidshead  +   588d ago
Yeah it's usually weird timing like near the end or in the middle of the month for some.

And holy damn, apart from BioShock Infinite which I got day one I am downloading the rest of those games lol.

Last month didn't have much for me but this one is almost a jack pot lol. I better hurry up and finish DMC so I can free up some damn space ;o
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Irishguy95  +   588d ago
Normally 24-25th for me. I assume EU gets it all within a few hours of one another. Can't wait for last light, already played Bioshock and on PC too so it's a meh for me. Although it's nice to have it there are VERY NICE to know that PS+ is getting such a well regarded newish game.
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Crazyglues  +   588d ago
Wow, EU is getting all the sweet stuff...

First y'all got FarCry now Metro Last Light.. dam..

and Outlast for PS4.. wow

------------Ok I'm jealous now, they really need to make the PSN store worldwide..

||.........___||............ ||
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jackanderson1985  +   588d ago
i thought outlast was on all the PSN's regardless of location?
Tidybrutes  +   588d ago
Just make a 2nd Psn account for Europe and get ps plus on that, then you can play the free games on any account on your console.

Ive got a EU, US and Japanese Psn accounts and buy games using all 3.
bloop  +   588d ago
When is Outlast coming to PS4??

I'm so pissed off now I got rid of my PS3. I never signed up to PS+ (til I got the PS4) and there's so many games after coming to the PS3 Instant Game Collection that I missed first time around but wanted to play. Why the hell did I give my PS3 away?!?! :(
BitbyDeath  +   588d ago
@bloop, Outlast comes to PS+ on the 5th of Feb so likely that is the same time it will hit the store too.
GribbleGrunger  +   588d ago
Ploop, grab yourself a second hand PS3 because there will be many great games coming free for the PS3. In the mean time, don't forget to use the online store to purchase them.
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MARKSMAN7136  +   587d ago
All PS4 games on PS+ are worldwide so yeah EU won't have Outlast all to themselves. I'd be upset if they did considering they always get the better deals.
rageus  +   588d ago
They will be up on the 29th. Everything can be found on the PS blog here:
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GribbleGrunger  +   588d ago
There's a mistake there. Resogun isn't leaving PS+ next month.
Wizziokid  +   588d ago
BioShock: Infinite, that's awesome I never got around to playing it and regretted not doing so for me this is a great month to turn my ps3 back on
XANDEO  +   588d ago
Same here! Metro 2033 was also one of the most underated games of last gen so cant wait to play the sequel. Best month ever for ps3 ps plus members!
nidhogg  +   588d ago
I *no regrets* bought and played both Bioshock Infinite and Metro Last Light interchangeably last year and I would like to say that you, sir, are in for an incredible treat. :)
I_am_Batman  +   588d ago
Mine basically hasn't been off since I have got PSPlus. My backlog grows with every month and I'll probably get myself a PS4 in march. Now I just need a time compressor to play all those games.
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MasterCornholio  +   588d ago
Holy crap Metro and BioShock.

This is awesome.

DxTrixterz  +   588d ago
I REALLY regret not getting PS3 but I've got a question if I'm already paying for PS Plus on PS4 so does it also cover PS3 as well? If so I'm soo getting a PS3

Edit: So for like £5 I get free games for PS3,PS4 and Vita every month . That is a steal.
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snookiegamer  +   588d ago
Yes it does!! Vita, PS3, PS4 all on one Plus Account :)


Every month £5? ...Nooooo!!! ...do as I do and pay £11.99 every 3 months. Save a few quid :))
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Kivespussi  +   588d ago
Or... Save even more and buy a few years every time there's a discount. I have around 2 years left of 3 years I bought for 90 €. That's the price of 1,5 games so even though it feels like much you don't have to worry about it for a long time.
JasonBloodbourne  +   588d ago
yes mate it sure does
MasterCornholio  +   588d ago
PlayStation plus covers the PS4, PS3 and Vita. But remember you have to include the games in your download list otherwise you will lose them.

Basically just make sure you buy all the plus games when they come out so you can download them later.
Thehyph  +   588d ago
+ helpful

It needs to be said, and hard to say it more simple than that.
I_am_Batman  +   588d ago
That's what I've been doing with the PS4 games (I don't own a PS4 yet). So when I'll pick up a PS4 I'll already own a bunch of games.
pyramidshead  +   588d ago
One PS+ account fits all sir :)
MRMagoo123  +   588d ago
suit you sir
FamilyGuy  +   588d ago
Get a PS3, all the free games are well worth it.
New or used just make sure the PS3 you get has a decently sized hard drive, don't bother with the ridiculous 12Gb model.
snookiegamer  +   588d ago
Damn! Just purchased brand new copy of Bioshock Infinite for £15 last week.

At least Metro Last Light is on offer, I haven't played that one :)
jamz4  +   588d ago
Perfect time for my ps3 to break down!

ALready have Bioshock on PC but I was looking forward to playing it again and Metro looks great
_LarZen_  +   588d ago
Because of PS+ I am almost 100% digital on PS3 now....how will things develop on PS4 in the time ahead one may wonder.

That said, I just love PS+.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   588d ago
Here is the actual official blog release, someone is trying to pump their own site...

Kivespussi  +   588d ago
Awesomesauce! Next wednesday too? Can't wait. Never had the money to try bioshock infinite and metro LL looks good. And if I'll ever get vita I'll have just another 2 games for it... I don't even have one and have almost 30 games for it! If there's a PS4+Vita bundle with extra controller or two that'll be a must buy.
higgins78  +   588d ago
A good line-up IF you still own a PS3. I unfortunately (practically) traded mine in towards my PS4 and as such am feeling rather - ironically - left behind. PS Plus has had nothing for those of us who bought into Sony's "next gen" idea, the store for PS4 is overpriced and bereft of content.

Wish I had waited to own a PS4 until much, much later into 2014. Still, my Wii U has thankfully been hogging the living room T.V.
Heisenburger  +   588d ago
That's why I kept my PS3. I don't understand people that throw quality items away because they get something new and shiny. I'll platinum Bioshock while I'm waiting for Lords of Shadow 2 and inFamous to release. Enjoy.
g-nome  +   588d ago
And Dark Souls 2 is coming , the ultimate reason to keep your ps3.
Dojan123  +   588d ago
I would love to know if Sony is making money. I am not sure how they are getting away with PS+ from a business model. I assume they have to pay the developer / distributer something. Or if it is a lost litter to get us to buy the hardware and DLC.
bjmartynhak  +   588d ago
So do I

Because, holy crap, Metro? Bioshock?

Seriously, does Sony have profit with PS Plus? Craziness...

Maybe they will increase the price in a short time

About Metro, I would be in for a collection edition of Metro on PS4, given that the first was not on PS3
mochachino  +   588d ago
Both those game can be bought for 20-30 (Canadian - I'm from Canada) but maybe 40% goes to the publisher. All Sony has to do is pay them for more copies than they would sell for the period the games are on plus.

Say Metro is selling 50K a month on disc still in EU Sony can buy an additional 100k digital at the share the publisher would receive from a physical sale for three months of having the game in Plus(very loose estimate) that the publisher wouldn't never have earned from game sales alone and If Sony has even 20million plus subscribers combined on PS3 and PS4 paying $50 a year that's a billion in revenues and a lot of money to make plus the ultimate online gaming service.

I'm sure the numbers vary from game to game but it's really a win win for both publisher and Sony. Publishers get more for game they wouldn't have received and Sony gets more PLUS subscribers. If Sony sets it game giveaway budget at a percentage if PLUS revenue and operating costs they can profit in a big way.

Don't feel like editing errors, typed from tiny iphone screen
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BitbyDeath  +   588d ago
PS+ subscriptions increased 90% thanks to PS4 so really they should now have a lot, lot more money to spare.

bjmartynhak  +   588d ago

I imagine the deal might be quite different in each case. Maybe a share for each download in some cases too.

But more PS+ subscribers, also means more people downloading for "free". So Sony has to pay more to the publisher at the same time. But yes, if they had profit before, with more subscribers, they are getting even more profit.
il-JumperMT  +   588d ago
Why always games I have!
TimeSkipLuffy  +   588d ago
probably because you want to play the game as soon as they are released XD
TimeSkipLuffy  +   588d ago
PS+ EU is the best offer for gamers who can patiently wait to play big titles and try out cool indie games and sometime go portable with their Vita!!! PS+ EU is like the best game rental service in the world!!! You just have to love it! I DO! <3
mochachino  +   588d ago
Ever since I bought PS4 and PSN Plus I've been spending more time on my PS3 than in the last 2.5 years.

Greatest online gaming service ever created IMO
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TristanPR77  +   588d ago
PS Plus killing the competition as always.
iliimaster  +   588d ago
playstation plus has me drowning in trophies and games!
e-p-ayeaH  +   588d ago
badass update
rydamgw  +   588d ago
I live in the US but I gotta say PS Plus has got to be one of the smartest purchasing decisions ive ever made.
Soldierone  +   588d ago
I really want Metro..... which means we (NA)will get some arcade game instead lol
Locknuts  +   588d ago
Haha, with this much value on PS3 why the hell would I bother with a PS4? Once it has a decent library I'll buy one and just keep my PS+ going. I won't buy any games.
g-nome  +   588d ago
I don't have time to play everything Sony is throwing at me.
Need a week of ps+ backlog clearing holiday .
Ares90  +   588d ago
I'm not sure if it was the same in Europe, but Metro Last Light got a discount if you had PS+ when it was released in North America. Because of that, I don't think it will be in NA PS+.
ZombieTech  +   588d ago
Wow... I'm speechless... the US *actually* got a title (Bioshock Infinite) **BEFORE** EU!?

Usually we in the US/NA get the shaft while the EU selection is mad awesome. I really am truly shocked... I had assumed EU had already gotten Bioshock Infinite at some point... wow, just wow. O_O
TimeSkipLuffy  +   587d ago
PS+ US is still missing some of the blockbuster games that EU got over the time.
rammstein91  +   588d ago
i'm a ps3,ps4 and vita owner,and all those free aaa games for 47,99 euro per a year that comes with PS plus is a steal!

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