Puzzler: Name the shoot-em-ups

Identify as many vertical-scrolling shooters as you can by looking at the following playable starships and characters.

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THR1LLHOUSE2106d ago

I only knew a couple of these...I should've just hit the showers when I thought the first one was Galaga.


Sadie21002106d ago

Oh man, so many great memories here. Some of them are a bit tough being so pixelated, but some real classics are in here!

NagaSotuva2106d ago

Number 10 looks like a snowspeeder from Star Wars.

All those shooters are vertical-scrolling. I want to see some side-scrollers in the sequel!

3GenGames2106d ago

Defender and Stargate, the two best side scrolling space shooters to ever grace gaming. :D Man I need to get back playing those. D: