Monster Hunter 2 Sells 1.5 Million Units In Japan

Capcom's Monster Hunter series continues to generate strong sales with the company announcing that the second installment - Monster Hunter Freedom 2 - is the first PSP title to sell 1.5 million copies in Japan.

In addition, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 netted the "Excellence Prize" today in the Entertainment Division of the Japan Media Arts Festival. The title was chosen from among 2,091 pieces of media art.

March 13 will see the release of the series' next title, Monster Hunter Freedom 2G, as Capcom continues to expand on the success of the franchise.

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Danja3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

imagine what the PS3 numbers would have looked like...even though I still have a feeling that the PS3 version isn't cancelled...probably they just want to make a quick buck off the Wii..!!

PS360WII3881d ago

Yea would of been interesting. Time will tell they already switch platforms once. Who's to say that won't do it again. Though I'm pretty stoked it's coming to the Wii as of now!

Awesome good news for PSP. See much like the Wii 3rd parties need to make actual games for a system in order for them to sell well.

Chubear3881d ago

I'm sooo hoping you're right about that.

Brainiac 83881d ago

I can't wait until this is released for the Wii. For some reason I am more excited to play it on the Wii than I would be if it came out for my PS3.

It doesn't matter in the long run...the Wii deserves some top tier titles. I find it funny people gripe about the lack of hardcore games on the Wii, and then gripe when they get ahold of one majore hardcore game.

On the PS3 I'll be busy with MGS4 and GT5...not to mention Burnout Paradise which I will love to death.

aiphanes3881d ago

And by next year...the PS3 will be less than $300 and everybody in Japan will want a PS3 by Monster Hunter PS3 will come out in 2009...

It will be good...

Plus there will always be a PSP version of the game...Maybe even a PSP to PS3 connection in the game...

PS3PCFTW3881d ago

hmmm, good point. + bubbles

Lex Luthor3881d ago

It's a shame MH3 was cancelled for ps3, this game would of shifted PS3s.

Relcom3881d ago

people who have lots of time on there hands. Its so painful to play. Good game just not for me. Those Japanese love that sh1t though

Mr_Kuwabara3881d ago

I already have pretty much all the best armors of the game and need 1 more award (Small crown monsters) to finish my Guild Card, yeah you need to have a lot of free time lol. But I play with Xlink Kai, you should download that if you haven't heard it before. It let's you trick your Ad Hoc connection as if it was Infrastructure making you play with people all around the world. =P

You'll need to buy Wi Fi max though, costs like 30 bucks or less, but it's great if you have other games that you like playing on your PSP that you've been playing solo, let's you play with others far away.

Relientk773881d ago

damn Japan really really likes Monster Hunter