PS3 at $300, Cell for 360: The NYTimes Screws up Big time

Everyone makes mistakes. That's why people have erasers, whiteout, the backspace button, etc. So where were these super handy tools when the New York Times published an article today detailing a guide for "Some Essential Hardware?"

Today in the Technology section of the New York Times several gross mistakes were made in the area of videogames hardware. Despite clearing the Nintendo Wii hurdle without a scratch and giving it a pretty decent description, where the article really falls to pieces is its account of Sony's PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

"Those who have spent the day trading carbon credits have another opportunity to save the planet, this time from aliens in Halo 3, the third edition of the Xbox 360 game. The PlayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 5, a hyper-realistic, high-speed journey, is one of the best sellers for that Sony console, which starts at $299. Microsoft's Xbox starts at $280. Both are built around the multicore Cell processor, which allows numerous tasks to be done simultaneously."

Did you find them?

1. Gran Turismo 5 is "one of the best sellers" for the PS3. Oh really? That's pretty impressive since the game isn't even out yet.

2. The PS3 costs $299. Nope. No it does not. Lowest price is actually $399, but go ahead and keep the hope alive.

3. Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are "built around the multicore Cell processor." Sorry, they are actually quite different, particularly in that whole Cell processor area.

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BrianC62343830d ago

Maybe this was from the future? Is Microsoft going to license the Cell for the 360? Hmm. Start the rumors.

PS3PCFTW3829d ago embarrassing 4 them.........Im in new york, usually people here let the media HAVE IT when they report bogus stories.

LOL this is gonna be great.

Crazyglues3829d ago

that's funny....(:D)

-is it really, or is it really kind of sad. I know one paper I won't be reading anymore. Their credibility is shot.

C_SoL3829d ago

ya man, it's sad that its funny. Man its New York Times....

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MK_Red3830d ago

"Big" isn't big enough to describe how big NYTimes has effed up.

Charlie26883830d ago

Next thing we know NYTimes will be saying that the Gizmondo is the best selling "console" this holiday

...followed the...Phantom >.>

MK_Red3830d ago

lol, good one.
One mistake can be forgiven sometimes but 3 huge ones!?

What's next from NYTimes? Halo 4 using power of Wii's Cell Processor?

snoop_dizzle3830d ago

lol, and this is the new york times. thats kinda sad.

MK_Red3830d ago

When they are so inaccurate and wrong about these simple facts, only God know about their real world stories and reports.

snoop_dizzle3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

maybe something like this...

Today France, Sweeden, and Zimbabwe speak harsh word towards russia and china, and threaten military action toward them if they do not comply on cutting down on their national defense bills and their ever growing military. France, Sweeden, and Zimbabwe being one of the strongest alliances ever since WW2

....something like that?

:P thats a joke btw.

sonarus3830d ago

this is wat happens when the silly little media try to get in on our gaming like when they showed off killzone 2 as halo 3. Its like a new fad for the media to report on games things like this are bound to happen.
No more USA today game reviews we dnt need em. i honestly dnt believe the reviewer even plays the game.

Sovannah Phum3830d ago

and they say those who read the paper are smart. if they're informed by the uninformed, what does that really make them?

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