Skyrim Ships 7 Million Copies And Expected To Generate $450 Million

Zenimax has announced that Skyrim has shipped 7 million copies in the first week. They sent a PR to the press just a few minutes ago. They also mention that is expected to generate more than $500 million in global retail sales.

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Karooo2348d ago

What a beast of a game.

Jobesy2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Seems people only question sold vs shipped when its Uncharted huh? Double standards ftw!

On topic, planning on getting this game as soon as I finish my backlog. Can't wait, but I hope the bugs get ironed out.

Ducky2348d ago


It says 'ships' in the title, and states expected revenue.
You don't have to shove the console war everywhere.

pupa2348d ago

What does it matter, everything shipped will be sold anyway unless there are these huge hangers where they store the "shipped" titles to give a false impression of "sales"

Sometimes I wonder where those that always bring up the "shipped" via "sales" arguments got there neurons from.

As far as I know most retailers will order enough stock to service their area or client base with the titles, I have never seen a business order thousands of copies just to keep them in store or on shelves.

papashango2347d ago

Im really impressed with how the skyrim launch has gone. I'm one to frequent forums of new big titles. lately they all seem filled with rage from issues. Skyrim was the first title in a while where I saw nothing but love

BitbyDeath2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

@Jobesy, Shipped = Sold.
Some people just don't understand that.
You will never ever hear sold to customer numbers only sold to retailer or shipped to retailer.

That is it.

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Ren_2348d ago

No surprise seeing as it was the first time I have ever seen anyone attend a midnight launch in my area and there were over 100 there

rezzah2348d ago

I wonder how many CE they made, because those boxes are huuuuuge.

Worth it too because the level of detail on that dragon is awesome.

negroguy2348d ago

Never played one of these games until this one. I didn't know it had such a following but I can see why since this is a great game. I've put in hours and only scratched it.

theonlylolking2348d ago

Good thing you did not start with oblivion or you would think these peeps who follow elder scrolls are crazy.

SP3333D-O2348d ago

Woohoo! Nice to see that taking pride in your work pays off!

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The story is too old to be commented.