The making of the Xbox: How Microsoft unleashed a video game revolution (part 1)

This story is the first of two articles on the 10th anniversary of the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox video game console, which debuted Nov. 15, 2001. The narrative is based on recent interviews as well as my two books: Opening the Xbox: Inside Microsoft’s Plan to Unleash an Entertainment Revolution, published in 2002; and The Xbox 360 Uncloaked: The real story behind Microsoft’s next generation video game console, published in 2006. Today’s piece follows the Xbox from conception to launch.

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gamingdroid2465d ago

... and it is growing into a bigger beast as we speak!

Noticeably_FAT2465d ago

That is a long article. I remember buying my original Xbox 10 years ago and was blown away by it. Who would have even thought about HD graphics 10 years ago? or a HDD? Microsoft was on top of the ball.

The biggest thing that they perfected was Xbox Live, clearly that is what people care most about. You need that amazing online experience and only XBL does that flawlessly on consoles.

Congratulations to Microsoft and as I head out to pick up my copy of Halo CEA, I am in full nostalgia mode.

gamingdroid2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Xbox Live certainly is an awesome premium service, but what I love even more is how MS re-invented the console with a new dash 3 times already. The latest dash is so freaken awesome and by far is the best one I used.

I love the way MS customizes individual apps for Xbox LIVE. For instance, Netflix has party system, integrated search with Bing, tweaked and very attractive interface, tuned streaming performance and so on. Hulu is similar. MS doesn't just release the vanilla app each company releases, but improves it before release. ESPN has interactive features during matches.

Some of the features have also been hugely useful for gamers, like party system, beacons and cloud saving.

Xbox Live is indeed ahead of the pack, but there is a lot more to like beyond the online gaming.

SJPFTW2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

the xbox was way superior machine to the PS2. hard drive, better graphics, more reliable and xbox live. with better games like Halo, Mech Assault, Crimson Skies, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Ninja Gaiden, Half Life 2, Doom 3, Chaos Theory, Psychonauts, Morrowind, etc. Also multiplatform games were better on the xbox.

but now its reversed with PS3 > 360

000000000000000000012465d ago

Not even close SJPFTW, xbox owns the PS3, and yes I own two PS3s. My original fat 20gb and a Metal Gear Soild LE.

hennessey862465d ago

my ps2 in as soon as I played halo at a friends house, I got pgr, halo and jet se radio and I have never looked back since. The xbox was a masterpiece, custom soundtracks, xbox live, hard drive and some of the best games last gen.

Anon19742465d ago

My Xbox was far and away my favorite console last gen. I hardly touched my PS2 after I picked up the Xbox. Although, I never really got into XBL. I had it for a couple of years but just found I wasn't playing it, opting instead to play my multiplayer splitscreen, with people in the room with me.

Eventually, I decided it wasn't worth the price and ditched it. When I bought my 360, I started up XBL again, but again simply found that I didn't use it enough. I didn't play that many online games at the time, and the PS3 was free so I had it for 2 years again and then ditched it and never looked back.

I kinda miss my Xbox.

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The story is too old to be commented.