When And How Will Call Of Duty Get A New Engine?

If Activision requires a new Call of Duty every year, when will there be time to develop a new engine? If they keep breaking records, do they care?

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kaveti66162319d ago

Activision has made a lot of money from the franchise.

They can hire many engineers to develop a new engine for the next cycle.

And they will do that, regardless of what their CEO said at a keynote. They are already developing a new engine for the next cycle. I don't have any concrete evidence to support this claim, but I feel confident in that claim. There is no way that Activision isn't going to use a new engine or heavily upgrade their engine for the future prosperity of the franchise.

Fishy Fingers2319d ago

"They are already developing a new engine for the next cycle. I don't have any concrete evidence"

Concrete? You don't have anything other than your imagination.

kaveti66162318d ago

Logical guesswork is enough for me on this one.

Let's wait a couple of years for the next cycle of consoles.

If the next Call of Duty game isn't running on a new game engine or a heavily updated engine, then you can say you were right.

But It's very obvious that, with the next consoles on the horizon, Activision will push for a new engine.

Shackdaddy8362319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Probably after Treyarch's next CoD.

WetN00dle692319d ago

They will bring a new engine right after they are done cleaning us out. Might not trust another COD game ever again.

CrimsonEngage2319d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if they continued to use this engine well into next gen and beyond...