Developer interview: Casey Hudson on developing Mass Effect for the X360

BioWare's Xbox 360 exclusive, Mass Effect, debuted this week to a great deal of expectation. Casey Hudson is the project director of the Mass Effect team in Edmonton, Canada. San Jose Mercury News spoke with him on Tuesday about the 3.5-year development of the game.

Does Mass Effect meet its goals? Hudson said, "One thing I'm hoping people see in it is how much more there is for a player to make decisions on. It makes it really hard for us to develop, given the customization that we make possible in the game. For example, from the beginning, you are not pre-made as a character. You can play Commander Shepard. But you can also create your own character, male or female. You can choose your special abilities. Those are ways to make your game different and unique. These are things that make it much harder for us to make the game so that it is consistent all the way through, given your choices."

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