Hey Japan, stop making me save the world

Jason Schreier: You've seen this play before. Some ragtag heroes are standing at the edge of some interdimensional space portal or subterranean crystal labyrinth or evil god's castle. They're holding powerful weapons -- acquired after hours of tedious mini-games -- and staring down some nasty monster or deity or demon squirrel.

Their goal? Save the universe from imminent doom.

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zeal0us2572d ago

Hey Jason Schreier, no one is forcing you to play them so get over it and move on.

Misterhbk2572d ago

Hey America stop making me kill everything in sight with no real purpose behind it.

360ICE2572d ago

I know right. Like in world of goo!


eraursls842571d ago

The majority of shooters are made in Europe. They are made mainly because of the American market, but most are made elsewhere.

360ICE2572d ago

That is some crazy bs right there. The industry depends on people writing critical texts, so it can evolve.


jacksonmichael2572d ago

Oh, kind of like when you said the only way you'd ever play Final Fantasy VI is if it had Kinect support?

I thought the title was hilarious, by the way.

360ICE2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Do you have a problem with freedom of speech or something? The following is my impersonation of you: "He said something I don't agree with, I should invade his private life and bring that up in every conversation on N4G."

I wrote to zeal0us that I think that what he said is BS. He can write the same to me, but I won't bring it up in another topic. OMG, never thought I'd say this but learn to tell a from b and... get a hobby or something.

jacksonmichael2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

I have a hobby. It's video games. As such, I've played Final Fantasy VI. I win. Yay.

Edit: And it's not that I have a problem with freedom of speech... It's that I love irony.

Tommykrem2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

If you love Japanese games but are tired of saving the world, you voice your opinion and hope that Japanese developers will change. It never really happens, but I think the writer makes a very fair point. Almost every japanese plot is "save the world" or "rescue the princess"

You don't save the world in Gran Turismo though :)

Or in Prinny! Yay!

tarbis2571d ago

Best he play Angry Birds. I'm sure he'll have years of fun with it.

thePatriot2571d ago

maybe a epic quest to become a car salesman?

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Optical_Matrix2571d ago

Hey America, stop making me kill Russian/Middle Eastern Terrorists

plmkoh2571d ago

Is it just Japan that is infatuated with "save the word" type storylines?

I mean even something like Uncharted 2 involves saving the world from evil.

TheWolverine2571d ago

how bout a JRPG where we take over the world?

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