Kinect: “making science fiction into science fact”

123KINECT: "Following the Kinect Effect ad from before, and the Kinect augmented reality video, Microsoft Research (MSR) team has posted a number of great stories about their contributions to Kinect, and meshed together a video that shows how the amount of effort put into Kinect."

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360ICE2306d ago

Somehow it manages to constantly surprise me and throw new innovative content in my general direction. There's always something new, always something to discover and the technology is always precise as hell. I hardly even played Forza before Kinect and that's just one example of how cool it is. It constantly keeps blurring the lines between science fiction and reality, technology and magic, future and present. You name it - Kinect's got it. And what I really love is that whenever I'm having my magical adventures with Kinect - I can bring my family or friends along on the ride, cause kinect appeals to everyone. It's not the second coming of jesus, i'll admit that, but it is pretty damn close.

ChickeyCantor2305d ago

How much do you earn at MS?

Agent-862305d ago

Could be a stockholder, as well. Or, just a very delusional fanboy.

2305d ago
Agent-862305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

@strobe31, sorry, not a PS fanboy. I'm PC fanboy. Nice try, though. Why is that insecure MS fanboys must label anyone who doesn't like Kinect as a PS fanboy? Pretty pathetic. Love being a PC gamer so I don't have to be part of this ongoing and ridiculous "console war". My dedication is to games, not corporations. Kinect has nothing I want to play and doubt it ever will.

Note: I don't own a PS Move or Wii either. For me, motion gaming is nothing but a gimmick and one I hope dies soon.

LackTrue4K2305d ago

lets hire some guys with ascents, Kinects with sell its self....

Jdrm032305d ago

Kinect has more practicability and use in commercial/scientific use then gaming...

cstyle2305d ago

Its still great technology though. Its only gonna get better. Sony made a mistake in letting ms get this technology.

Jdrm032305d ago

It is great technology. Just not for gaming.

Hicken2305d ago

It's not very good for gaming. In order for it to be effective, it would require more powerful consoles than we currently have.

Its applications outside of the gaming industry, however, are very impressive.

DigitalRaptor2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Kinect is super cool technology in many other fields, but for games? not so much. Some people dig those games, but I don't see it.

I'm kinda glad Sony haven't bothered with it, but whatever they do or decide not to do in the future with motion control won't detract at all from my experience as a core gamer, due to their plethora of first party studios focusing on all sorts of stuff.

Microsoft have invested so much in Kinect that they have to support it however they can, with their limited first party gathering and even if it means more casual stuff than actual core titles. I don't want any company I support doing THAT at all, at any stage.