Fatal Frame 2 is the scariest game ever made

It's very hard for any form of media to keep you scared for an extended period of time; even good horror movies have their ups and downs. Fatal Frame 2 is unrelenting when it comes to knocking you off balance and keeping you from feeling safe through the entire experience.

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EVILDEAD3602448d ago

The original Fatal Frame is stil the scariest game ever made

Even the developer admitted that they made a mistake making the game so scary from beginning to end, because they learned that many in Japan didn't finish it.

Pozzle2448d ago

That's a shame so many people never finished it. The final chapter is easy one of the scariest moments in gaming IMO. Holy crap, they really throw EVERYTHING at you in the final chapter. I barely had any time to rest. D:

StifflerK2448d ago

I love the Fatal Frame series , FF2 is probably my all time personal fave horror game.

Venox20082448d ago

I actually think that Fatal Frame IV is the scariest, then 2nd :)

EVILDEAD3602448d ago

Wow..I need to play the new ones

Venox20082447d ago

I think those who disagree even didn't play IV :)

Brownghost2448d ago

an amazing series. On of the best horror games

Myst-Vearn2448d ago

tried playing the first one years ago and stopped after an hour or so -_-

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