The "999,999,999 Games in 1" Super Game System

Engadget writes:
"We have no idea if this thing is real, but if it is you can probably expect to pick one up from nondescript street markets across China. With a claim to fame of one less than a billion games included, the "999999999 in 1 Super Game" should give the "big three" consoles a run for their money."

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MK_Red3836d ago

Have 999,999,999 games actually been made? I don't think number of all games ever made reaches 1 million let alone near a billion...

Jdash243836d ago

yea i dont think 1 billion will be reached for a very, VERY long time

on a side note: if the description starts out with "We have no idea if this thing is real" shouldnt the title have a questionmark at the end?

rofldings3836d ago

With the crap they pump out for the wii, it may be a reality sooner than you think.

PS3PCFTW3836d ago

HA.......this looks like itll RROD.

bym051d3835d ago

Most of these games are just like monsters in Final Fantasy games. Just give it a palate swap and call it something new.

There's probably pong, and spong, and prong, and pongs... that's 4 games right there.

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doncorleone73836d ago

I bought something like this in texas and what they do is put the same game about 30 times each. Total there is about 20 different games.

MK_Red3836d ago

"put the same game about 30 times each." 30 times!? lol...
30 x 20 = 6000. Still needs 999,993,999 more ;)

But really, I think they have used the same game for 500 to 1000 times or they really made a super game system.

Richdad3836d ago

The games are actually NES games and we all know NES games never reached the number said. IN titles like these they just repeat the games, but different names and present them multiple times at different levels. Also the no. 999,999,999 will not be correct as we open the game it would be something like 99,999, there is no garuntee or anything in it so you cant blame any one for this.

DrPirate3836d ago

Of all those 1 billion games...At least ONE of them, has to be game of the year....

I don't see how this console can't outsell the big three. It has more games, 2 controllers in the box, a premium price and it comes with a friggin handgun. It's just unfair, console wars are over.

Now that I'm done being sarcastic. I'm sure I have better games on my calculator (TI-93 ftw).

Darkiewonder3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

they repeat games with different difficulty and/or speed. it wasn't funny ;o

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The story is too old to be commented.