Game Devs vs. Journalists: When Worlds Collide

There is no industry in the world more highly influenced by journalism than video games.

IGN's Daemon Hatfield reviewed Q-games Pixel Junk Side Scroller and gave the title an unremarkable 6.5. Within a few hours of publication Dylan Cuthbert, President of Q-games, accused Daemon of rushing through the game on on the "casual" difficulty level via twitter.

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pangitkqb2367d ago

Excellent conclusions in this piece. As the reading public we should DEMAND honesty and integrity from games journalists. If we hold them to this the whole industry will benefit.

gameplayingfool2367d ago

These instances of conflict and controversy are a reminder that games joirnalism is (sadly) virtually completely unregulated. Any slack-jawed yokel can build a games "press" site and call themselves legit.

This piece was right. Its up to readers to demand the same level of quality in game journalism we demand from games.

jimineyscrickets2367d ago

Article not about PS3 or a big game? No traffic.

sad, cuz this is one of the better pieces in a while.

Controversy2367d ago

ideally press is the segeue between production and consumption in the games world, the middle man that brings it all together. When it falls apart at the seems like it did yesterday on IGN is when we see the industry functioning poorly.

The title of this piece reminds of that song by Power an 5000. Had a great vid.

Silly gameAr2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )


I agree. This is one of the better articles I've seen on N4G that's not a flamebaiting, hitseeking,rush job. Need more like it. People like to moan about fanboys, but what's worst then fanboys in the comment sections, is fanboys that work for or own gaming sites.

Integrity is lost on a lot of gaming sites, but it's always good to see articles that bring up good points without an agenda.

sphinct2367d ago

@ jimineys

You said it. Not about a game with guns for console? Nobody notices

xhedleyx2367d ago

I totally agree, unless your story is about Halo or CoD it doesn't get any traffic on N4G

TBM2367d ago

and that's why i don't listen to these airhead reviewers, or give their opinions any weight.

pat_11_52367d ago

I wonder if Daemon actually pulled that section from the review on purpose? Makes him look pretty shady if it's true.

sphinct2367d ago

It does...but it is hard to tell what really happened. Have any other sites reviewed the game yet?

xhedleyx2367d ago

I haven't seen any other reviews yet.

from the beach2367d ago

This is easily the most hilarious review score related 'controversy' to hit the internet in a good two or three days.

2367d ago