Microsoft working in the Wrong direction with Kinect

The Kinect is great as a robotic device, Microsoft must stop focusing on it as a gaming tool, and use it for the things people have been modding it to do.

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fluffydelusions2399d ago

"Microsoft must stop focusing on it as a gaming tool"

Doubtful considering it has sold over 10 million units since launch. That said, they need to refocus their efforts with it when it comes to gaming. Kinect should compliment the controller not be the controller. It only suits certain games like dance central atm...just my opinion of course.

PimpHandHappy2399d ago

"Microsoft must stop focusing on it as a gaming tool"

but they cant... IMO when its all said and done it will be used for a small handful of "dance like" games and its main use will be as a controller for everything outside of a game... Like for your TV or to navigate XBL and other things.. I have said it from the start... thats its only real use that can make a difference, it does not do gaming like we hardcore have been gaming for 15-20 years. Not saying it cant but this version is not even close

Shadonic2399d ago

well they already have kinect fun labs and that kinect talk show thing. i believe there trying plus they have different kinect hacks like the recent one its like indie developers are doing it for them its more like microsoft has these amazing features and people who are interested in it and there not taking advantage of it enough at least i mean they do have as i said before kinect fun labs which has just put up Microsoft version of the piano hack. As to moving away from gaming NO that's a horrible idea it will not only make sony look good on the gaming part but also just be like saying F off to everyone who has a kinect. What they should do is put up some sort of public competition or tournament and have all of the recent hackers compete and create a demo of there ideal kinect game and have the winner have his game created into a XBLA title and also have the different kinect things be voted upon by the public or at least everyone with a xbox account.

PimpHandHappy2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

you seen where MS is moving with Kinect during E3 this year. Its not about games for it but more about adding to the game, voice commands and such. MS has said F off before and if they dont sell games on it they need to convince you its more for making the game your playing that much deeper. You will never see a AAA Kinect only game IMO. You will see Kinect enabled

Edit add on... Yes Dance central and games like it can be Kinect only. Just 2make my opinion clear

EVILDEAD3602399d ago

Micrsoft acknowledged the hacks a looong time ago

Kinect is only one year old..

Kinect games are now being released through arcade (which Micrsoft is shooting for one a month)

Microsoft has already mentioned that they will be opening Kinect up to the indie community

Kinect Fun Labs are where the apps and experimental uses of Kinect (ala hacks) are found.

The hacks are cool, we all know that, but it's clear that Micrsoft is continually making progress with Kinect as a whole


Anon19742399d ago

Yeah, what's happened since that "10 million units" thing? Microsoft used to yell about Kinect sales from the rooftops, now we haven't heard a peep about Kinect sales all year, and 360 sales this past quarter were down almost 20% compared to last year at this time. Kinda makes you wonder...

In the meantime, I like the idea of Kinect. I was initially opposed to it, but having seem it's use on kids games like Once upon a Monster, I like that Kinect is finally opening up the 360 to casuals and the family. We need more family orientated games. Seeing them try to shoehorn Kinect support into core games still makes me roll my eyes though.

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StrongMan2399d ago

Good point. I've been hearing that 10 million number since March. It's now almost November and it's still 10 million. Makes you wonder.

gamingdroid2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Well, you might ask yourself why Xbox 360 outsells the competition while increasing their average selling price with no price cut for over two years:

Then you take a quick look at the annual sales and MS has been steadily increasing while the competition is decreasing or stagnant.

MS like Nintendo makes a huge chunk of their sales during Holidays, so I expect some reports afterwards.

I personally, like Kinect in my hardcore games.

They are optional and in some cases, I can see them be very convenient. Squad control in Mass Effect 3 is a great idea that prevents me from constantly breaking the flow by pausing it to tell me squad what to do.

gamingdroid2399d ago

Because people are unable to see Kinect as a gaming tool, doesn't mean it isn't suitable. Ask the people that played Pong, or used the NES controller if they envisioned what we have today.

It is an iterative and incremental process. Some if also has to do with established norms, in which case there is none for the type of technology Kinect.

Hate it as much as you want, but Kinect has opened up a lot of opportunities. Right now, I'm thinking interactive movie type games.

JellyJelly2399d ago

Aren't they doing some of those things in Fun Labs?

slavish2399d ago

since it is selling one could argue they are doing it right. not for me but they are doing something right

cstyle2399d ago

This coming from the site that said that Kinect wasn't gonna sell.

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