The Gamespot Game Guide for Mass Effect

Mass Effect. Ever since this new title from BioWare was announced, RPG fans (and Xbox 360 fans) have been dying to get their hands on it. Now, though, the wait is over, and this epic space opera is finally on store shelves.

Mass Effect tells the story of one Commander Shepard, an Alliance soldier that's tasked with saving the galaxy from utter doom. Gamers have all saved the world in RPGs before this, but an entire galaxy? That ups the stakes considerably. Along the way, Shepard will need to rescue damsels in distress, make sweet alien love, explore strange planets, and discover wondrous technology that's been lost for millenia.

GameSpot's Game Guide to Mass Effect is a work in progress: They have a complete walkthrough and details on all of the side quests that they have run across, but they will continue to update the guide in future weeks, hopefully until there's nothing left to cover.

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360sucks3960d ago

gamespot did give
(the almighty)
mass effect 11/10
maybe a miss print

Charlie26883960d ago

I am so reading this and I one hope I am an expert before my Mass Effect arrives :D...but judging by the time it takes for Amazons free shipping...its gonna be a while >.>

The Panther3960d ago

its much better than i expected, I thought it was gonna be way buggier.

Its very polished, Im nearly five hours in and Ive only just become a spectre, great game 10.