Skyrim Combat Mechanics Further Explored -

Listen up folks – The Elder Scrolls series from Bethesda has been a fantastic one over the years. Each game has pushed gameplay and RPG elements one step further with each release. Arena put us up-close and personal with an axe in our hand, Morrowind populated the world with interesting NPC and Oblivion just opened up an entire world of adventuring.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is just on the horizon with a November 11, 2011 release and hype for this game is at an all-time high! COIN-OP TV has been keeping tabs with Skyrim early on and conducted an interview with Ashley Cheng the Production Director during E3 2011. One of the things we’ve always been curious about is the updated fighting mechanics, especially hand-to-hand melee combat and using short cuts on the d-pad to quickly navigate your inventory.

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deserteaglexix2492d ago

Skyrim is my most anticipated game of the next two months.

jriquelme_paraguay2492d ago

i will play Skyrim and Battlefield 3 until Twisted Metal and Vita

RufustheKing2492d ago

Skyrim is my most anticipated gameof the next 3 years until Fallout 4. Right now UC3 is my most anticipated game of the next 3 weeks. AHhhhhhhhhhh why can't Time go faster :(

ForTheFallen2492d ago

Will there ever be a Fallout 4? That would be sick. Possibly even more badass than this game, which is F*CKING AMAZING.

RufustheKing2491d ago

Ya i do believe we will see Fallout 4 but will it be on this current generation or the next is a different matter. TES and FO are two different games in a way. both are great for different reasons. I love oblivion more than FO3 but the difference is small.

Whore_Mouth2492d ago

You can attack while jumping. You just have to level up the right skills to unlock the perk.

Then you take your coupons and turn them into tokens, then you have to fill out a TPS report and put it on my desk no later than 11.

SITH2492d ago

That is good to hear. I have not seen all the perks, but jumping and attacking seems like a reasonable perk to put in.

ThrazN72492d ago

skyrim and dark souls = goty

Drake1172492d ago

Lol no lock on is a con to this guy wtf!

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