Destructoid - You should be paying attention to The Darkness II

Destructoid - When I heard that Digital Extremes had assumed the role of development for The Darkness II, I wondered how they would try to stand apart from Starbreeze Studios, a company which managed to take a relatively popular comic series and make it into a pretty good, if not flawed, game. It wasn’t for everybody, but it had a certain charm that was hard to ignore.

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gillri2618d ago

well I loved the first but I hope this one has an element of freedom like Butcher Bay and The Darkness 1 and not a corrider shooter

Anon19742617d ago

I loved the first game. Those freaky, other world sequences were fantastic. The story, the atmosphere..The Darkness was a gem. I've been waiting for the sequel since the moment I finished the first. I was just afraid that it was never going to happen for awhile there.

StrikerZ3ro1122618d ago

I just watched the most recent trailer for this and i'm excited. Im a big fan of the style they decided to go for and the story seems intriguing. Characters look awesome and the dialog, at least in the trailers, seems great. All it's missing is a solid multiplayer experience, if they pull that off i'll definitely pick this game up at launch.

Trophywhore2618d ago

First game sucked in the demo for god sake. Dont care about this game in the least.

ReservoirDog3162617d ago

You can pick it up on eBay for really cheap nowadays (or in my eBay listing *cough* shameless advertising *cough*)

It's a flawed game but it's still really good.

Pintheshadows2617d ago

I'll pay attention to it by buying it when it comes out rather than being embroiled in needless hype.