Battlefield 3 PC dedicated servers will charge extra.. for every single player

Planning to rent a dedicated server for Battlefield 3 on PC? Then you won’t be happy to find out that you will have to pay an extra charge on top of your monthly fee for every player slot on those servers – and on 64 player maps, those fees could soon add up.

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noxeven2621d ago

That blows so much guess thats gonna be the server box your need to shop around for

WiIIiam2621d ago

No matter how you play your games, whether on PC or console, you simply can't get away from companies trying to nickel and dime you to death. That's this generation's ugly legacy.

gamingdroid2621d ago

Most companies charge something more for something extra.

However, EA has a history of taking something you used to have and charge you for it. Dedicated servers used to be free for casual play, but now there seems to be a huge fee. Online play used to be free too, but EA introduced Online Passes.

EA is extremely anti-consumer.

Yi-Long2621d ago

... if I download an illegal cracked version instead, would it offer the ability to set up your own free server and online matches with others who have downloaded a cracked version instead of the legal version?

I honestly don't know, so that's why I'm asking. And the reason I'm asking is because apparantly EA very likely just lost me as a consumer...

gamingdroid2621d ago

That's the point of contention. If you pirate, you don't pay anything, it's far more convenient to get it and you far less restrictions.

While if you pay, you have to deal with DRM and under the mercy of a EA.

I personally won't be buying this game either way nor do I pirate, but it seems to me it is clear what the choice is for most people.

ATi_Elite2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

These companies make Billions of dollars yearly but seem to be so greedy that now they wanna rape gamers for higher dedicated server fees! EA finally has a game that has a ton of buzz and now they wanna take advantage of everyone they can!

this is only gonna result in a lower server list thus leading to many gamers waiting in line to play cause their favorite clan can not afford a server and over all creating a bad experience.

When is enough Enough? EA is making so many bad moves that CODMW3 and Activision are starting to look "Gamer Friendly"!

EA = Extreme Arseholes!

latinalover2621d ago

Its cost 1,100 for consoles but i guess it cost more for PC

Saryk2621d ago

Well I guess they don't want my cash. But glad to know this now.

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The story is too old to be commented.