Gaming Franchises that Should Consider Retirement

Arcee "Have any of you out there just had so much of a gaming series that you have thought to yourselves that enough is enough? I certainly have, and a lot of times I find myself saying that over and over with recent announcements of new games for franchises that have definitely seen better days. Or franchises that have run their course and have gotten stale or are relying on the same gameplay to get them through. I have been finding myself thinking those thoughts a lot lately - especially with some pretty high profile gaming franchises. There is just so little variation or new content or ideas that these particular series just don’t quite do it for me anymore."

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Dart892471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

WTF it says i been greylisted??

edit:@below i have no idea but it won't let me see the article.

Arcee2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

What is greylisted?

edit: Wow, that really sucks. You should contact the admins.

Godmars2902471d ago

FF shouldn't be retired, just go back to its one universe = one story style.

Where X-2 might be considered forgivable and even logical because of FFX's story and conclusion, Dirge of Cerberus because of overall character popularity, this branching and expanding of the main story before the game with the "main" story has even been release just has to stop.

P_Bomb2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Neither Slant6 nor Zipper were able to return Socom: US Navy Seals to its PS2 glory this gen'. Even the return of series' founders Zipper was met with critical and commercial indifference. This despite their critical and commercial success with new IP MAG only a year earlier. Dishonorable discharge? Wouldn't surprise me, especially now that Zipper has momentum with MAG.

BiggCMan2471d ago

Yea I mean whether someone likes these games or not is irrelevant. If all of these games stopped coming out, the casual market will have almost disappeared completely, therefore much less munnies will be earned, and that is no good.

refocusedman2471d ago

I agree completely with CoD and sonic. Its insulting because call of duty is basically the same game every year with different setting. As for sonic...... hey its sonic need I say more. Although im not a big Halo fan, they still have time before they milk it completely. Final fantasy , I used to love final fantasy but, square is turning into the activision of the east ( hence why they publish CoD in asia ). Resident evil and street fighter both are ip's owned by capcom; they are just a few steps behind square.

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