The Ten Top Video Game Developers

Tribune writes: "Well, there are a lot of video game developers out there. A lot of good, but even more bad. Some are massive corporations, some are in a mother’s basement. Throwing 10 developers into one list was not easy. The popularity of the game developers listed are not gauged by their popularity, but their games."

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smurfz2542d ago

Bethesda has made nothing but quality titles for almost 7 years, Skyrim is right around the corner and i can't hold it anymore.

Ziriux2542d ago

I don't think so. Wet sucked big fat balls, and wasn't even close to being as wet as my girl. :) jk. Just thought I'd use the pun, it was perfect. :)

Ziriux2542d ago

If it had a $29.99 price attached to it than it would have been a decent game, other wise I was disappointed in Bethesda with the crap they released there.

Black-Helghast2542d ago

Where...the...F*CK IS TEAM ICO?!

Laxman2162542d ago

Dude, Bethesda didnt make WET, Artifical Mind and Movement (sometimes refered to as A2M) did.

masteroftheclaw2542d ago

There's some interesting choices in here. Bethesda and Valve seem pretty typical choices but then they're alongside Thatgamecompany and NIS. I like that these guys got some attention too :).

Cinotix2542d ago

Especially NIS, I mean their quirky sure, but I liked their games, call me weird and I am but some of their games are more addictive than these big RPG's and adventure games. :)

masteroftheclaw2542d ago

I think NIS has done pretty well these last few years. Atlus is becoming "big" in a way now and NIS is taking the place of the niche Japanese company. That's just my take on it, but it's interesting how these changes have taken place all within one console generation.

zerocrossing2542d ago

Nice list! glad to see some niche companies getting much deserved attention =)

tiffac0082542d ago

When I saw NIS, Atlus and Thatgamecompany on the list. It put a smile on my face.

I feel Level-5 should be an honorable mention too.

Singu1arity2542d ago

I like unconventional picks, but I know Naughty Dog, Bethesda, Valve, Square Enix, and this prompted me to recall Game Freak from my days of Pokemon obsession. I wouldn't know any of the others from Adam.

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The story is too old to be commented.