Forza 4 vs Gran Turismo 5 - Graphics Comparison Gamereactor UK

Gamereactor has already spent a vast amount of time with Forza Motorsport 4 and thought it was time to compare its graphics to those of rival Gran Turismo 5.

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ps3bestever2544d ago ShowReplies(3)
Unaffected2544d ago

not carfeully cherry picked shots

2544d ago
6yo2543d ago

both looks great.
At least i dont need to wait 5-6 years for forza 5

splinter2544d ago

Interesting comparison. I'd say both games have clear advantages and disadvantages. For me, the cars and lighting in Forza 4 look a tiny bit crisper, and the damage modelling just edges it for me. But then, its not all about the visuals.

Sure I'll be marked down by all the PS3 fanboys on here for stating a neutral opinion ;p

Rage_S902544d ago

No i just think you're wrong, the cars look better in gt5 and the environment looks better in forza.

Ragnaarock2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Environment, such as the trees and roads and grass? GT5 definitely had more work done into the detail of the environment. Just look at the pic with the GTR's, the trees in Forza look like pieces of 2x4 stuck in the ground with leaves attached. The sky even looks more realistic than GT5. Then again GT5 doesn't give off a sense of speed while Forza creates speed lines on the road to make the player feel like they are actually going fast. Although I do agree with splinter as the lighting looks to be a bit nicer on Forza making the cars shine a bit more, but that may not always be a good thing. Then again the car models show a lot more detail in GT5, looking at the F40.
But I guess it all just comes down to opinion.

Objective2544d ago

You are wrong, cars and lighting in Forza are much better based on the images. Look at 2nd, 4th and 6th images - obvious Forza is way ahead.

heylo2543d ago

lol are you drunk or something??

car details and lighting are waaaaaay more realistic in GT5 - it makes Forza look like a cartoon

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CoryHG2543d ago

yah cuz all the bloom and glow make things look like real life. look at the sky and the lighting in gran turismo. You're a fool to think GT5 isn't the better overall game. ENJOY YOUR WARTHOG BOWLING. UMAD

Eoure2543d ago

Forza is superior on shadows, but it is known since day 1 that GT5 failed miserably on the shadows.

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jerethdagryphon2544d ago

the cars in forza look nice but gt hold an edge however tracks and backgoruns look generally better on forza

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