‘Resident Evil 4 HD’ Review [Game Rant]

Trung Bui of Game Rant writes, "Is the ‘Resident Evil 4′ re-release worth your time and money or has the five years since it originally launched undercut enjoyment of the title? Read our review to find out."

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Enmson2490d ago

I didnt like Re5 should i get this?

Yodagamer2490d ago

yes and yes it is, there is so much more atmosphere in the game along with alot of variety

artsaber2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

For me yes, since it is $9.99 to PSN+ members. I have no idea how MS gets away with charging $19.99 for their paying users on XBL.

For PSN Plus members - I'd say worth it if you like the series.

For XBL members - Not so sure, personal taste @ that point for twice the price.

RE4 is still easily hailed as one of the best in the series

FalconR2892490d ago

If your use to the old Resident Evil style of controls well then prepare to die a lot because I keep thinking its the same button configuration layout since 1996 and get killed because they changed the button layout. Whoever thought square was an action button is a butthole. But other than that its a fun and good game.