PS VITA Will Have Endless Supply Of Software

Sony have admitted that the PSP’s software dried up for a while shortly after release. In an interview, Shuhei Yoshida of Sony Worldwide Studios has talked about the concerns gamers might have over the Vita suffering a similar destiny.


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fear882641d ago

There also seems to be an endless amount of new software announcements. I like how more and more software is announced for the vita practically every week.

guitarded772641d ago

Too bad my bank account balance has an end :(

miyamoto2641d ago

150+ games in development. that's an understatement.
and the DS generation has grown up now. welcome

OllieBoy2641d ago

Just keep the shovelware to a mininum ;)

Rushing_Punch2641d ago

Oh, there WILL be tons of that!

MaxXAttaxX2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Shovelware will keep the PS Vita alive thanks to the casuals.

For that, I don't mind shovelware, BUT as long as they keep constantly delivering the core games and don't depend on shovelware alone for success (like you know what).

DigitalRaptor2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

When there's a BioShock game made by Irrational themselves coming for the Vita, you know developers are taking it seriously. The dev kits are 10 times cheaper than PS2, PS3 and PSP. It's easy to develop for according to devs. It has a lot of power, stunning 5" OLED screen, dual analogue control, robust network functionality and tons of innovative features.

The games are coming by storm. There's going to be such quality on that portable, it's unreal!

Buho2641d ago

We are talking about the PS Vita here, not the Wii.

Blacktric2641d ago

Yeah because the device will purely have hardcore software. For God's sake wake the f*ck up. Of course there'll be sh*t ton of shovelware considering the back and front touch panels and two cameras. But at least we know that there are more than enough hardcore support is coming to it.

death2smoochie2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

The irony is the more shovelware a system gets, the more it becomes popular..its almost a barometric gauge for a consoles success.
Look at the most successful consoles or hand helds of all time?
They had the most shovelware.
So bring on that shovelware long as the good stuff comes alongside it. :P

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remanutd552641d ago

vita cant freaking come soon enough im dying to play Resistance Burning Skies , Uncharted Golden Abyss , Little Big Planet ( 4 freaking online multiplayer just like the ps3 !!!! ) , Escape Plan , Gravity Rush , Little Deviants , ModNation and others , cant wait !!!!!!

Beetey2641d ago

Right? Sucks we gotta wait till next year tho. But I guess the wait will make it that much sweeter when we finally get our paws on it.

WooHooAlex2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I'm pretty jazzed for LittleBigPlanet, Modnation, Uncharted and Sound Shapes but Escape Plan gave me the same feeling I got the first time I saw LittleBigPlanet in action.

It has a certain charm and originality to it. I can't wait for that one.

remanutd552641d ago

and they better make a Motorstorm Vita , that would be amazing for me !!!!!

Kingx22641d ago

"But the 3DS is already a flop, that's why they dropped the price drastically."

I guess the ps3 is a flop also because it' still a last place system.

SuperBeast8112641d ago

Its not really the same situation lol the ps3 is not in the bargin bin yet 3ds is

Kingx22641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

it might as well be last place is reserved for garbage nobody wants, and from what i remember the ps3 got 2 price drops before a year even passed, and one before the system even came out lol get your facts strait nerds.

"Funny how most people on this website tend to forget how quickly the PS3 had a price drop, how just how poorly it was doing in its 1st years, or the incredible lack of games when it 1st came out, i actually only remember Uncharted and Resistance as truly worth having."

lol you know :) these misinformed idiots make me laugh all the time, and the bad thing is that it still doesn't have anything worth having.

clearelite2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Anti-sony trolls are the worst, they're the only one's that have to twist the truth in order to make other consoles look bad right now.

No offense Btw

Main_Street_Saint2641d ago

Careful there buddy, that was a tad bit 'troll-y.'

--Onilink--2641d ago

Funny how most people on this website tend to forget how quickly the PS3 had a price drop, how just how poorly it was doing in its 1st years, or the incredible lack of games when it 1st came out, i actually only remember Uncharted and Resistance as truly worth having.

Yet if Nintendo has to make a price cut, THEN ITS DOOMED!!! OH NO!!!... god people, dont act like such fools

Otheros002641d ago

Price for Ps3 was dropped after a year. 3d's price was dropped in less than 6 months. Guess which is quicker.

3ds sold soo poor that they were forced to lower the priced in less than 6 months.

--Onilink--2641d ago

You might want to check your facts 1st, PS3 got its 1st price drop (of $100) on July 07, 6-7months after release depending on where you are. And its not like i have anything against the PS3, i have probably bought more PS3 games than my other consoles, it just doesnt make sense to me how quickly people tend to forget things (or how amazingly selective people's memory can be)

LeBronista2641d ago

XBOX 360 is now the current cellar dweller right with only NA being its strong market while the PS3 doing well in other regions.

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