The Most Disturbing Video Game [TPV] Have Ever Played

TPV Writes: "I explain why Alice Madness Returns is the most disturbing video game it have ever played and why if you are easily offended, shocked or appalled this is not the game for you. A good platformer game but a story of darkness, insanity, abuse and neglect, the dark underbelly of video game storytelling is here."

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StifflerK2576d ago

I thought the game was great, the art style was fantastic.
I love the way that everything Alice sees in the real world, (even subconsciously) is represented in some kind of twisted way in Wonderland.

But yeah, the story is very dark, and gets really disturbing towards the end.

The dev team did well though, as it's a difficult subject to cover.

Jonmau52576d ago

I completely agree with you there! The game is GREAT, it is one of the best and most enjoyable platform games I have played in a long, long time.

Very, very dark though!