Top 5 XBLA Games You Should Own

Andrew from Gaming Irresponsibly gives us the best games from Xbox Live Arcade which should be in your collection right now.

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agentxk2496d ago

I've completely missed out on Shadow Complex. I may take a look at it.

Cal6642496d ago

Same I really need to get round to playing Limbo too.

darthv722496d ago

is really good. I am stuck in it though. I think I will just forgo my current game and just start over.

Braid is a nice one as well.

Yi-Long2496d ago

... Super Meat Boy is THE must-have game on XBLA. It should absolutely have been on this list.

TrialsHD and ilomilo are great as well.

Abash2496d ago

I tried the Bastion today, and it's pretty good. But $15 is a little too steep for me to spend on it, but I will get it when it's on sale for Deal of the Week

Yi-Long2496d ago

... I hardly ever buy games for 1200 points.

800 points still qualifies as an impulse-buy for me, but when it's priced at 1200, I'd rather wait a while.

I think I only bought Battlefield 1943 and Shadow Complex for 1200 points. SMB was luckily only 800 points in it's first month. :)

2495d ago
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Solidus187-SCMilk2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Shadow complex is my favorite Download game. I have 4 of those 5 on this list.

bastion is really good too. Bastion is really worth the 15$, the game is really long and has challenges and New game + to add even more value. Everything about that game it top quality, and it gets better and better as the game goes on I thought.

omi25p2496d ago

Im loving From Dust At the moment

NukaCola2496d ago

Is it like Black & White?

omi25p2495d ago

never played black at white. There is a trial available u should definetly try it, i give it a 9/10

bangoskank2496d ago

It looks brilliant but is getting a some mixed reviews.
Critics are saying the AI isn't all that great. Your thoughts?

agentxk2496d ago

I really think that Castlevania Harmony of Despair should have been on this list. I sunk over 350 hours into that game

Dlacy13g2496d ago

XBLA has had a number of good games... I own most of that list save for costume quest. I would have put Trenched up there as well.

CrescentFang2496d ago

Aren't most of these indie games? I think lists should be more specific and especially since "top 5 [insert whatever]" has been used many times. I would like someone to spice up these top whatever. It would be interesting haha

2495d ago
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