Microsoft to launch the Xbox 720 in 2013?

We’re coming to the end of this generation of consoles. The Wii U is out next year and Microsoft and Sony won’t be too far behind. But, it seems like the Xbox 720 (aka, the successor to the 360) may be coming out sooner than expected.

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Kran2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Yes.... and the PS4 is coming out in 2017, and The Wii U is coming out in 2020!!!

Like we havent had enough of these "720 to come out this date" "PS4 to come out this date"

Its all just pure speculation.

iamnsuperman2521d ago

These articles usually come out before E3 and around this time (where there is slow news day). They need to drag readers somehow

DualConsoleOwner2520d ago

you realize there are tons of articles that said that it is coming 2010 and 2011??

those dont count as signs. and plus, there are many analysts and etcs saying it is coming 2014.

theonlylolking2520d ago

You listen to michael patcher?! THE INSANITY!!!!!

DrFUD2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

the point is not to nail an exact date but to prepare you for the next gen which is going to happen sooner than you think.
So while the Gears bundle and Star Wars bundle look neato, keep in mind that if you wait 12 months or so you might have the chance to spend that 500 bucks on a new system for the next gen because Microsoft isn't going to let Nintendo have more than a year lead on them.
Same goes for thought on buying Sony's PS3 even though Sony has the best chance of actually staying on market longest with bluray now the standard basically.
If you're thinking about buying one now you might as well wait and see what other choices you'll have in the very near future.

JsonHenry2520d ago

New Xbox will be out winter 2012.

KingZFlipper2520d ago

If they will do it later then they CAN lose some of their fanbase, because it will be by performance weaker than the PS3 and the WiiU. Not saying they will, I'm saying they can. Hopefully they'll launch XBL free on the new console. I bet they will include Kinect in some way. Maybe in-built? only time will tell.

Solidus187-SCMilk2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

I think that sounds reasonable. I think its either gonna release in late 2012 with a better version of halo 4 maybe, or in 2013.

Xbox has already been here for 6 years, longer than usual for a console. Ps3 and 360 can easily be supported after the new ones come out especially if the new ones are BC and play the old games too(im sure the digital games will be at least).

Ulf2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

2013 == Windows 8.

The XBox line is bound very tightly to windows APIs (namely DX and Live), so yes, it will come out when Windows 8 comes out -- probably 2013.

hiredhelp2520d ago

OH Dont mention windows 8 plz. typical microsoft nothing wrong win7 its still building. not upgrading. specially just for them to make more money by implamenting xbox live.

kreate2520d ago

i want to downgrade back to xp but it wont let me >_<;;

dkp232520d ago

Makes sense to announce at E3 and launch holiday season to get a headstart on Sony (assuming sony doesnt plan on releasing until 2013). Of course, this is contigent on MS putting some Quality Control on their systems to avoid another RROD debacle

As usual, i would probaly wait a year to get the new system from MS/Sony since launch games arent usually that great and potential discounts down the road...

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