This is What an Xbox 360 Hand-Held Would Look Like

So even though a Microsoft hand-held can’t be seen coming out for a while, people can dream, can’t they? Here are a few designs of what a potential Microsoft hand-held could look like:

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lil Titan2474d ago

doesnt look portable at ALL, it would be like carrying around a waffle iron in your pocket...mmm waffles

Bull5hifT2474d ago

NeedZ MORE RED and throw sum Ringz on that Itch

darthv722474d ago

meaning compete with nintendo (and sony) in the portable market.

They can make a good product but when you go up against someone that has been doing it for a while you tend to over think and under market.

I prefer the zune to the ipod but it was the itunes and ipod craze and everyone having one (same with iphone) that just makes it hard to grab any of that market. Sony faced a serious wall with taking on nintendo in the handheld place and have done pretty good in respects to the likes of sega (whos gamegear was technically better than the gameboy).

MS portable market now is in the WP7 and making xbox live and zune marketplace for video and music on the go. I doubt they would step into the handheld ring with the current heavyweight champion of the world.

gamingdroid2474d ago

I think the market is also moving towards mobile replacing handhelds. Because of that, I don't really think MS will release portable handheld.

They got work cut out for them with WP7....

Pozzle2474d ago

I don't know why, but it kinds reminds me of my old Atari Lynx.

Except the screen isn't tiny and painful to look at. lol

darthv722474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

dont go bagging on the lynx now. I preferred it to the gameboy back in the day. Todd's adventure in slime world....classic.

But then again gameboy did have the games i liked as well when the gba came out.

Pozzle2474d ago

NGL, I loved my Lynx back in the day. It had some pretty fun games (Crystal Mines, the Shadow of the Beast port, Basketbrawl, etc)

And my parents were more willing to shell out money to buy the cheaper Lynx games than they were Gameboy games. :O

JeffGUNZ2474d ago

Says who? I hate these kind of articles. How is this news?

halo3blogs2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

This is the type of article to give people pure entertainment and something pretty or ugly to look at and criticize, to escape the typical bombardment of nothing but news. Just have fun with it, that's what it's for.

Arthas2474d ago

If this article doesnt belong here, then neither does your comment. GTFO

JeffGUNZ2474d ago

That makes no sense Arthas. It's called NEWS for Gamers, this doesn't constitute news. Second, this is a comment section, which I commented in, so THAT belongs here. Nice try though.

Hicken2474d ago

This makes me glad they DON'T have a handheld.

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The story is too old to be commented.