Infamous 2 -- If You Liked The First One, Then I Hate You

Isaiah Taylor of the writes about his thoughts on Infamous 2: "Smile, the PS3 has cranked out another exclusive sequel that is marginally better in some regard, and worse in others. Let us rejoice in the sequel-itus of this current generation of gaming."

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Mr-Dude2640d ago

Since when are personal blogs allowed?

Anyway, i liked them both so their u have it

TBM2640d ago

This writers opinion means nothing to me, I love part 2 just as I loved part 1

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2640d ago
outwar60102640d ago

i disliked the change in the voice actor of cole but everything else was great

Klaykid1232640d ago

I disliked it at first, but couldn't tell the difference and I really liked the new cole.

midgard2272640d ago

i thought new cole was better, old voice sounded too grainy

Iroquois_Pliskin2640d ago

imo, they should have kept the new Cole, not the New-Old Cole

LarVanian2640d ago

New Cole was better IMO. He actually sounded like someone who could be a bike messenger.

dgonza402639d ago

@ oh come on Iroquois, cole was supposed to be an average joe, not some american eagle model..

His first new look was ridiculous, did not fit the InFamous universe imo

sam22362640d ago

Even though I hate the first game with a passion, I gave the demo for 2 a try. I was expecting it to be crap, but I was wrong. It's so much better! Going to pick it up on Friday.

Lykon2640d ago

based on the demo , i hated the first too, it just seemed like a bad ps2 game with a guy leaping about like a crab, but then i downloaded the whole game for free recently and loved it, haven't tried 2 yet tho.

btw this or blog opinion or whatever it is, seems really cynical like he's written it in a bad mood or something.

Parapraxis2640d ago

The demo for the first game did not do it justice. The full game was epic.

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The story is too old to be commented.