CVG - Time Machine: Chrono Trigger

CVG - Time is a cruel mistress - and if you really want to see her dig her claws in, you don't have to look further than some of the former pin-ups turned pinheads that are seeing our their twilight years on Virtual Console.

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zinkabass2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

They need to do a new Chrono game for this gen or for Vita,..

What the hell is taking so long!! I have been waiting for a new game for the last 12 years,.. It is Diablo-type of crazy, if not even way worse..

K3nji2518d ago

I was just listening to the theme song for Chrono in my car...i LOVE that game! I would like a HD version or fully voiced version...but then again, i would be scared of smearing the name of Chrono Trigger with a very crappy/sub-par game! =(