Why Xbox 360 needs Skyrim mods... but will never get them

OXM UK explains why "you absolutely, flat-out need the capacity to play Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim mods on Xbox 360" but will "absolutely, flat-out never get your hands on the same."

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wwm0nkey2644d ago

Well Bethesda openly said they are looking into a system for mod support on consoles. Wont be on day one but they are talking to Sony and Microsoft on a system for distributing the mods (they have to make sure there are no game breaking mods)

Mr_Lu_Kim2644d ago

I can't see them making up a whole new set of dev tools just for the console owners and then just giving it to them for free.

If you where to use some PC mods you could wind up frying your 360, things like texture mods and other would be disastrous.

There will not ever be any console mods for this game unless it comes as pre-made, paid DLC episodes or something like that

Theo11302644d ago

well my question is are they just going to pick the best pc mods and just transfer them over, or are they going to open up the tool set, and if so how?

theoretically, pc gamer could just alter the textures requiring higher spec so consoles can't even play them, just out of spite.

wwm0nkey2644d ago

That is the thing, they know you can just transfer the mod over to consoles and it can work BUT they need to take into consideration things that can possibly break the game/console. So if this does hit 360 and PS3 there will be review processes before you can download it.

(Also to be honest there will still probably be high rez texture packs on each individual console knowing the community)

Angrymorgan2642d ago

Yea and console owners should stop buying games so pc gaming would suck, without revenue from console versions of these games, pc versions wouldn't exist.

BeastlyRig2644d ago

I think 360 will blow up if it tries to run a graphics mod..

wwm0nkey2644d ago

Actually no, this can be good for the 360 version. Lets face it 7.6gigs just isn't a whole lot of space for a game anymore and due to size constraints textures had to be compressed and downsized.

Someone COULD release a mod with higher rez uncompressed textures and it would work just fine.

Mr_Lu_Kim2644d ago

More like explode in flames.

JOHN_DOH2644d ago

i think you need the game installed on a hard disk. Mods go in the oblivion/data folder.

wwm0nkey2644d ago

Nope, you can search it up if you want but mods can be directly ported into jtaged 360's or modded PS3's very easily. The same process can be used legitly but they need to find a good way to distribute mods and ect for consoles.

JOHN_DOH2644d ago

yeah I'm just used to how the pc does it. I guess if dlc works mods could also BUT would ms allow it? for free? probably not.

wwm0nkey2644d ago

That is the thing, they need to find a way for MS and Sony to allow this since it runs the risk of breaking console (probobly not permanently mind you). I think something like XNA Creators Club or Rock Band Network would be perfect for something like Skyrim mods though on consoles.

Angrymorgan2641d ago

Yea like Jon doe says, ms wouldn't allow it for free, probably be some sort of cost envolved

Hifist12644d ago

PC, it only does everything.

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