GameNTrain: Hitbox - A New Way To Game

GameNTrain: It is seldom that you get to try out a ground breaking piece of technology that impacts an entire gaming community. Two weeks ago at the fighting game tournament Revelations in Los Angelos, CA I ran across a very unique product. A company called Hit Box was showing of their brand new arcade fight stick, although there was one simple catch. There was no joystick. Instead the box contained buttons mapped to up, down, left and right along with the standard 8 button layout that many are accustomed too. The concept behind the product was very fresh and completely intriguing to me. Would I be able to use the hit box and how would it feel? Could this product really stand up to the quality standards put out by Juggernauts like Hori and Madcatz? And probably most importantly would the community be willing to accept the new contestant in the fighting game accessory arena. This article is no simple review, for the Hit Box is not a simple product, so I implore you to open your perspective on this one. And to answer the questions above: YES!

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felonycarclub2520d ago

looks kool but i think it will take me a long time to master it,