Pre-Owned Games Could Hurt Devs Even More Than Piracy

Gaming Irresponsibly's Ryan Hillis discusses the pros and cons of the used game market, and how it effects developers and the video game industry.

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LOGICWINS2609d ago

"It doesn’t seem fair to the creators and producers of these games that GameStop and other companies are making money off of to benefit from their sales while those in charge of creating the game sit by short changed."

It doesn't seem fair to me that disc-based games launch at a $60 price either. $40 would be the sweet spot for me.

silencedwriter2609d ago

Yeah, I like that idea too.

Mr_Lu_Kim2609d ago

Better idea.

Don't ever buy second hand as it hurts devs more just pirate the game day 1 instead.


The title alone is fail. Pre-owned game sales are not good for the industry but piracy is way worse.

agentxk2609d ago

$40 would be nice but games haven't been that low since PS1. PC titles do it a little more often though...

MidnytRain2609d ago

Unless you want the quality of your games to drop, the price will have to stay.

badz1492609d ago

nobody force you to game! high prices is never an excuse for stealing! plus, use game cost about the same as new ones in most places! old games come down in price after awhile. so, if you don't want to pay $60, rent 1st or wait for it to drop!

BrianC62342609d ago

Some games I have no problem paying $60 for. Others like Portal 2 should be $40. I bought Portal 2 a couple weeks after it came out on sale for $40. No need to buy used games. Most games seem to go on sale after a few weeks.

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christheredhead2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I really dont see how used games could ever hurt the industry more than piracy. They both have their negative effects but for a used copy to exist someone must purchase a new copy. Unlike piracy were there is a mass download of the title with little or no indication if the user will actually purchase the game at some point. Companies make money off some one else's work but that can be said for just about everything. Sure thats a very worn out excuse but there are vast majority of thrift stores, record stores, movie stores, car dealerships, houses, furniture and on and on. The monetary value and profit is quite vast and varied with different products but devs get paid for the original sale before the game becomes used so the majority of complaints seem shallow to me.

testerg352609d ago

I think a pirate game the user never intended to buy the game where a used sale is a potential sale.

vickers5002609d ago


Not true. I've pirated plenty of games, but I ended up buying most of them. Piracy is a good option for trying out a game that does not have a demo, and is actually beneficial in some cases.

Had I not pirated those games, I never would have bought them or checked them out in the first place.

thebudgetgamer2609d ago

i call bravo sierra on that, as long as there has been a video game market there has been used game market.

agentxk2609d ago

It seems like he means the used games profit the retailer 100% and the new benefit retailer and dev. Some people only buy used so the devs lose out

thebudgetgamer2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

just like used car dealerships, yet you don't see ford complaining. for everything you can buy new there is a used alternative, i don't see why video games should be different.

dktxx22609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Used car dealerships don't just take $5 off a used car. They're priced significantly less. So It actually is a very different situation.

MintBerryCrunch2609d ago

how about giving players the incentive to not trade in or sell their games....every dev charges $60 a pop for a game, yet i can take a game like Oblivion and spend weeks/months/years on the story...then i look at a game like CoD, i can finish the SP in one sitting or other games that cater to seems as though that 10 hours for a SP campaign is some sort of accomplishment this generation....i find it weak and its one of the reasons that people sell their games...they play it, get the most out of it and then get bored, why not find something else to try, but putting down $60 again can be too much for most gamers, its basic economics, save money, be more cost effective

agentxk2609d ago

Yes! I hate buying a game that I can't spend at least a month playing. Castlevania Harmony Of Despair has wasted over 300 hours of my time. The game and all it's addons were worth more to me than almost every FPS I bought last year

buttclown2609d ago

Think that Game Stop should have to pay a fee to sell a used copy of a game? I don't know because it doesn't affect me at all, I buy most all of my games new.

hazelamy2609d ago

maybe they need to work out something with the stores, though why the gaming industry feels it needs special treatment i don't know.
but they really need to stay the fuck away from our rights.

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