This Could Have Been the Best Movie-Game Ever

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Why is it that almost every movie with a budget big enough gets a dodgy, samey movie tie in game? All the superheroes got them and most of them sucked. But, then you have a movie like Suckerpunch which was not only an awesome film but would have been, as far as I’m concerned, a prime candidate for the video game treatment.

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agentxk2456d ago

Haven't seen this movie yet, although when I first saw the previews. I thought it may be a game

blitz0x2456d ago

I always despise adaptions of movies to games, or vice versa. There seem to be very few exceptions

agentxk2456d ago

Best Movie game I ever played was the first spiderman

Parapraxis2456d ago

Haha, when I watched the movie the first thing I thought was "it would have been better as a game"
I guess I'm not the only person who felt that way.

limewax2456d ago

I would rather it have been a game, Just because the movie industry is getting so dry now and it kind of looked to me like this film was begging the game industry to bail it out, Which i personally think its been looking for, for a while now.

silencedwriter2456d ago

Yeah, that movie was set up as a freaking video game, but guess what, they made a Cars 2 game. It'll be good right......right......

agentxk2456d ago

I hear that cars 2: the game may have been better than the movie

Lord_Sloth2456d ago

Wouldn't be too hard since the Cars movies suck ass!

bangoskank2456d ago

I feel like I'm one of the minority who actually enjoyed "Sucker Punch".

GirlsGeneration2456d ago

I freakin love this movie!, screw all the haters out there