Next Saint Seiya game coming to Europe in 2012 for PS3

Namco Bandai Games has confirmed that Saint Seiya - The Sanctuary Battle it's coming to Europe for PS3 in 2012.
This probably means that it's also coming to NA.

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sinncross2733d ago

wow that was quick...

now announce Tales fo Xillia Namco: do it!

Cant wait to see gameplay footage for this new Saitn Seiya: hopefully its good!

Balflear872733d ago

I bet we'll have to wait and see how much Tales of Graces F sells for that one :P

Infernostew2733d ago

Heh. NB loves to hold Tales fans hostage with sales.

Cloudberry2733d ago

The trailer is good.

Graphics too.

The game-play is Dynasty Warrior-ish but I don't mind it.

Just hope that the final game would be solid.

Dart892733d ago

I want NA release date now:D.

Balflear872733d ago

I got to know about this because a press release from Namco Bandai Europe, people should ask Namco if this is also coming to NA

jc485732733d ago

definitely putting this under my radar. Huge fan of Saint Seiya series since way back in the days when I used to live in Mexico.

paradigmfellow2733d ago

Oh man I hope so. I am slightly disappointed that it is the sanctuary arc. I want the Hades arc. I can't imagine how the God cloths would look like.