New Information about Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle Will Make Your Cosmo Burn

Namco Bandai released today a lot of new information about Saint Seiya Senki, that has will be released on the PS3 in Europe next year with the title Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle (there’s no info about a possible US release at the moment).

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rnmartinez2510d ago

I really hope that there is some way to get this in North America - it would be awesome if PSN could be used for games like this. I am a huge fan and really want a chance to play this

Dart892510d ago

Same here big fan of this cartoon hope it makes it to the u.s.

MakiManPR2510d ago

The PS3 is region free. We should import it.

Abriael2510d ago

Region free console = problem solved :D

UltimateIdiot9112510d ago

If Europe gets it, then even if it doesn't make it NA, import the game.

tarbis2510d ago

Some english subtitles is more than enough for me. I want the Japanese voice intact.